Water hurts my stomach

on 7/6/08 5:37 am
I am having a problem getting in my water on a daily basis which I know can quickly lead to dehyration.  I sip only but even the smallest amount of water hurts by stomach.  I have tried warm, cold, room temperature, but all to no avail.  I have tried adding the water flavors but since my surgery my taste buds have change significantly.  The only thing that goes down okay is orange juice.  Any suggestion on ways to ge****er to go down without the pain?
on 7/6/08 5:46 am - South of Buffalo, NY
Have you tried warm tea???  That can be soothing. Hugs, Annette

on 7/6/08 5:46 am - Surprise, AZ

Is this happening anytime you drink water?  Regardless of when you eat?  You can try making homemade popsicles from flavored water (I used sf grape koolaid and crystal light) - then I just suck on the popsicles all day long.  Try to stay away from OJ - maybe the orange flavored crystal light? If this continues I would call your doctor!

Susan S.
on 7/6/08 5:58 am - Roselle, NJ
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I still drink room temp fluids and I'm 18 months out - ice cold water etc. made my pouch spasm. I found tepid - just warm tea easiest to tolerate - and in the early weeks I used a lot of SF popsickles - they just trickle down your throat and do help with the dehydration - I was told I could have as many as I needed to keep myself hydrated so give them a try. Room temp for other fluids is probably best - and for some reason - crystal light added to water made it more 'slippery' - it would go down easier - even though I know what you mean about not liking the taste of things - drink it anyway - you need to work hard at hydration - particularly in the summer heat. It will get better.......Susan
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on 7/6/08 6:34 am - Portland, OR

I had this problem early out and I had to add crystal light to get fluids down - and I hate that stuff!  You will need to keep experimenting to find what your stomach with tolerate.  Good news is that it probably won't last - I can drink plain water now without problems.

 good luck!

on 7/6/08 7:46 am - TX
i know that i personally CANNOT drink ozarka water.  this was even before the WLS.  for me, it has to do with the sodium and other mineral contents of the "pure" water.  mostly the sodium.  have you tried ultra-filtered waters with little to no mineral content, i.e. fiji or evian bottled water?  if one of those works, i wouldn't suggest buying lots of expensive bottled water - but investing in a good water filter system for your home which will remove the minerals, and chlorine (another possibility, chlorine in tap water is really harsh on your tummy but particularly when your tummy is full of stitches and sores) from your tap water.  but trying a good, mineral free, bottled water first would save you some money on the water filter system in the long run...
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