More re. Port. OR police officer 'terminated' after WLS fib

on 7/22/08 6:40 pm, edited 7/22/08 6:41 pm - Okeechobee, FL
Wow, this is a horrible way to treat someone. While I realize that she did lie, society sometimes dictates that we do. People with "addictions" weather it be food, drugs, or anything are made to feel inferior, that because we are judged to be unable to handle our addiction of choice people automaticly assume that we cannot handle anything. Why would this women think that she could trust her fellow officers. I work in a hospital and chose to have my surgery at a different facility just for this reason. I hear the way people talk about others that have had WLS and OMG if they gaind a few pounds!!! I was eating a SALAD the other day and someone came right up to me and aksed is THAT on your eating plan!!! WTF!!! is it any of your business and yes salads are allowed mind your own dam business. So I guess that is my rant for today... lol I think she should fight them her medical history is her business and not her bosses. Besides they would have given her the money anyway the story said... Just my 2 cents well maybe it is more like 20 cents but ok.Laurie

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christina W.
on 7/22/08 7:33 pm - olney, IL
wow, I am totally amazed at this. I work in the health care feild and she can fight this. Hippa laws are very strict. Yes she did lie and a lie is a lie. But she was scared and people do look at you different. This was a medical fund and she had a medical need it should not matter what the need is. They should not even asked. To lose your job as a police officer for liying seems harsh when the police have great tendancies to lie to the public and in interigations.I mean come on they are known for lieing. This is the most ridiculas thing i have ever heard.It is just another prime example of how society looks at people and treats people with eating disorders.This is ridiculous UGH!!!!!!!!
on 7/22/08 10:44 pm
I am not surprised - I wonder how those of you in the the police field view this?
Johanna !
on 7/22/08 10:47 pm - Formerly known as jdcRI, RI
I think this is a shame.  She should not have lied -she could have stated she needed an emergency medical procedure and left it at that -she paid the money back so it is not as if she was trying to keep it... she felt she had to lie about this so she would not feel shame.  The real shame is in Sizer - the Chief *****commeded she be terminated...
on 7/22/08 11:06 pm - new york, NY
RNY on 06/05/07 with
Must be nice to lie and feel no shame about it--sorry but that seems like a load of horse sh*t to me.
A lie is a lie is a lie--black and white no middle ground, it's how I see it.

And really would you knowingly want police officers in your town or city lying about something like WLS what would they do in their line of work?

Sorry y'all but for me she got what was coming to her--a boot to the behind.

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And YES I still eat Carbs and Fats but I know what portion control is!!

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Ann Marie C.
on 7/22/08 11:22 pm
Wow,I have been trying to decide how to tell my boss I need the time off. I think I will say an abdominal procedure...not WLS and I will also specify no gifts.LOL.
She never should have lied and the lie has consequences. That is our society. I wonder if she kept the weight off?

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on 7/22/08 11:42 pm - MD
I've been reading quite a few posts where people are embarrassed and ashamed of telling co-workers and even family of their choice to having WLS.  I really don't get it.  I'm still pre-op (6 months diet, etc) and I couldn't wait to tell everyone I know (and their cousins) that  I'm about to have WLS.  In fact, one of the first people that I told to was my supervisor, and he is like 100% supportive. I believe because he is aware of my plans, he is being very accomodating to my pre-op doctor appointments and whatever is related to the surgery.

Very few people at work made negative comments about my decision, mostly saying that I'm "too small" to go for such radical procedure.  To those,  I just gave my PCP recommendation for WLS as a main reason, and my morbidly obese BMI.

Hiding the surgery is to a degree silly, like celebrities that swear never having plastic surgery. Won't it be obvious when you loose a bunch of weight (and keep it off) in a very short time?

Lady Bugg
on 7/22/08 11:58 pm - West Chester, OH
That's such a load of crap. She shouldn't have to tell them what kind of surgery, it was. That's private information! Some people just blab it to anyone who'll listen! Not me. It's my health and it's not anybody's business but my own how I lost so much weight. I told those at work that I know and trust, but the other nosy bast*rds who don't know me but still have the nerve to ask me if I had wls. I tell them I eat way less and exercise more (which I do).
on 7/23/08 12:02 am - weston, FL
i work in law enforcement and here is my view..... under NO condtions are you to lie.. NONE... not even about a fart... and there is no covering up either... you have to always be forward with your command... ALWAYS.... so she screwed up there... more then majorly.... however.... i understand why she did it... police/fire depts are very cruel when it comes to making fun/jokes about people... its one of out favorite things to do..( i mean really.. where else can you put glitter in a new hires ac and whistles in their tail pipes and not get in trouble)... and yes.. it would have got around faster then crabs at a strip club... if she was truthful she would have been fine... also.. another thing i was thinking... she had 4 days of sick/vacation time... soooooo it seems to me shes also out of work alot... im sure there was more to the story then just a little fib
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