Kool-aid vs Crystal Light?

on 11/19/03 12:21 am - Newnan, GA
Hello everyone.. I'm waiting for my approval from the insurance and I'm being very sure of myself.. So I have started to eat like I'm suppose to after my surgery.. Now to the topic at hand. I went to the Grocery store to buy some Crystal Light.. OMG.. IT IS $5 FOR ONE CONTAINER.. I was in shock.. It has 5 calories.. and nothing else in it.. Well I went ahead and bought it.. to say the least.. So I was just wondering does it matter what I drink as long as it is Sugar Free and Calorie Free and Caffiene Free... Kool-aid cost .10c per package.. I can mix it with Splenda instead of Sugar.. Has anyone else thought about this... have a good day.. .. Kim
Rhonda V.
on 11/19/03 12:25 am - Huntington Beach, CA
I buy my Crystal Light at Costco. I pay around $7 for a ton of the powder. I don't know about the sugar free kool aid. Good Luck!
Stacie M.
on 11/19/03 12:32 am
Kim, I have actually tried the Kool-Aid with Splenda. To me, it didn't taste any different than the Crystal light and I didn't like that either. It did, however, work for the kids. They didn't notice a difference and they were alot less hyper. I have been drinking nothing bu****er and it works for me. I love it! It doesn't have any calories either. BUT, I don't like the flavored water. I think it's nasty. I hope that you find something that works for you. Lots of luck, ~HUGS~ Stacie
on 11/19/03 12:37 am - Blount County, AL
Kim-I have tried both the crystal light and the sugar free Kool aid sweetened with splenda and I like both. I buy crystal light because I like the convenience of not having to mix. But either is fine, according to my nutricianist. Good luck!!!
Kimberly B.
on 11/19/03 12:39 am - Corbin, KY
Kim, I think that Kool-Aid mixed with Splenda is a fantastic way to get in your fluids. So many flavors that its hard to get tired of it too. Also, try the Crystal Light that is already mixed in the bottles. (Its made with Splenda... unlike the Crystal Light mixes which I believe are sweetened with Nutra Sweet.) The bottles aren't cheap... but they are good. I like the lemonade the best, personally. Also, if you like tea... try to find 4C brand decaf instant iced tea mix. Its also made with Splenda and I Love the stuff! YUM! I take a container of the mix to work with me and add it to my water all day long. It has really helped me to be able to get in enough fluids everyday. I love water... but just can't stomach it post op. Best Wishes with everything... Kim
on 11/19/03 12:44 am - Newnan, GA
THANKS EVERYONE.. I just want Kool-aid mainly because of the cost.. WE have 5 children.. So we cut corners every chance we get.. Thanks Again.. Kim
Barbara D.
on 11/19/03 12:55 am - somewhere over the rainbow, az
RNY on 04/08/04 with
Hi Kim, Wal-mart has their own brand of "crystal light" and it is a lot cheaper. Only $1.76. They have lemonade, rasberry ice and iced tea. I have tried the lemonade and rasberry. Lemonade is my favorite. I never thought about the kool-aid with Splenda. With the price of splenda, I think it would come out to about the same wouldn't it? More flavors with the kool-aid though. I would like to hear from some post-ops on this as well. (Kool-aid here is .20c) I have some sugar twin in the cupboard I have been trying to get rid of. I'll give it a shot.
Randy M.
on 11/19/03 12:59 am - Red Lion, PA
Kim, I am also pre-op but have been trying different things so I know what I like before my surgery. You are correct about the Crystal Light. Some of them are . But I did find some I like. The lemonade flavors aren't too bad. Great idea about Kool-aid and splenda. I have not tried splenda yet at all. Is it expensive? Taste good? If it's cheap and tastes good I'm gonna try it. I don't think it matters what you drink as long as it is SF and Non-carbonated. I was told water is best. Also things like iced tea, coffee and such count as water. Some of the sport drinks are good to but you need to check the labels for suger, carbs, calories etc. Good luck. Randy
on 11/19/03 1:19 am - Newnan, GA
Yeah SPLENDA is very expensive... WELL TO ME IT IS.. But I use splenda in my tea.. And my husband uses it in his cofee and tea.. I just know im going to get tired of tea and water.. I'm a BIG coke fan.. Monday I put the coke down and I have walked away.. Cause I know I can't have coke after my WLS.. Now that is a big deal cause I'm used to drinking 10 12oz cans of coke a day.. Pray that I stay away from the COKE!! .. SPLENDA IS THE BEST THING INVENTED NEXT TO WLS.. I can't tell the difference and you can cook with it as well.. I eat and drink without the guilt . You can make it as sweet as you want cause it doesnt have any calories.. I even did the taste test with alot of my family.. They couldnt tell the differece.. If you go to www.spenda.com and make a comment about splenda they will most likely send you some coupons.. They sent me some.. $1 here and there helps alot.. Randy the other thing you have to consider is if your drink has caffiene (sp) cause it will make you go to the bathroom alot more and you will have to drink more water to put it back.. So you don't want to drink something that will sabbatoge (sp) you.. Good luck.. Kim
Lisa B.
on 11/19/03 1:15 am - North Brunswick, NJ
Kim Kool Aide made with splenda is really good with a lot of different flavors. Your kids will enjoy it also as Splenda is not as frowned upon as Aspartame. What I have been living on is Lipton Decaf Sugar Free (I beleive its nutrasweet). It is better than crystal light, I think. It doesn't have that after taste to it.
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