Air Bubbles in your stomach???

on 8/23/08 10:00 am - VA
Has anyone ever experienced air bubbles in their stomach?  I have had terrible pain in my stomach starting yesterday and it is just now easing up....when I pass gas, it feels somewhat better but my go**** was awful this morning...I couldn't even eat or drink without it hurting....Advice anyone??????????
on 8/23/08 10:11 am - Fargo, ND
No real advice here. Sorry your going through this. I have had my first attack or foamies/puking. For unknown reasons. All day I felt like a burp was stuck and then finally after dinner,thats all she wrote. I feel a bit better but still not right. SF popcicles for the eve
Best of luck hope you feel better!
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on 8/23/08 11:28 am - CA
I have had this -- it was gas and "passed" with no issue.  Poor DH is complaining a bit though.

Walking has also helped with this.

Hope you feel better soon!
on 8/23/08 11:49 am - Benson, VT
Air bubbles in your new pouch can be VERY painful! And it doesn't take much to get them in there either! I have only gotten them twice and here's what I did-first I reclined on the couch with a warm rice pack on my pouch area to relax the muscles. Then I stretched my arms over my head to open up my ribcageand loosen everything up. In a few minutes I started to feel a little bit better. Then I got up and went for a littlewalk around the yard. I was told that walking helps with digestion and passing of gas-so far it has worked well for me! Once my pouch felt a little better I had a mug of nice hot broth and that really relaxed everything. Gas pains shoudl normally not last from one day to the next. Keep an eye on it and make sure you drink and eat everythign super slow in super small bites/sips. If it continues frequently it never hurts to call your GB doc and ask-that's what they are there for! Good luck and hope this helps! Becky
on 8/23/08 4:49 pm
You need to be evaluted for a bowel obstruction. Pain so bad you can't eat or drink is an emergency for post-ops, it could even be an internal hernia. It shouldn't last for a day without relief. If you are still in pain, go to an emergency room now. This is a very serious possibility, and could be life-threatening I just left the hospital after 5 days due to a partial bowel obstruction!
on 8/24/08 5:25 am - VA

I went to the ER a couple of weeks ago and they tested blood and did a CAT scan and all came back blockages or leaks.  The pain started Friday evening at @ 5pm and phased in and out until Saturday @ around 5pm.  If it were a bowel blockage, wouldnt it last longer.  I have been doing #2 everyday for a week now so I now its not constipation....I feel soooo much better today.