Small Lump Underneath Incision (laparoscopic)

R. Elizabeth
on 9/26/08 3:12 am
I am two weeks and a couple days post-op (I had a Laparoscopic RNY) and last night noticed a small lump, about the size of a big gumball directly underneath one of my left-side incisions (incision is about 3" above and 5" to the left of the belly button).  It sits just under the skin.  It is smaller this morning, about half the size.  Does anyone know what this may be?
on 9/26/08 3:24 am - vancouver, WA
Make an appointment and go see your doctor. 

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Kellie Hett
on 9/26/08 3:28 am - MI

I would contact your Doctor. It's possible that you may be getting an infection.


Waltraud G.
on 9/26/08 3:45 am - Bartlett, TN
I am 6 weeks post op and I too noticed a lump beneath my incision about that same time.  It didn't hurt so I didn't call my doctor.  It went away totally by the time I went back to work.  I decided it was probably just a bit of swelling.  :::::?????
on 9/26/08 3:50 am
I had that too and was told it is scar tissue as long as there is no pain other than when putting pressure on it,,then the nurse said to rub it back and forth with vitamin E oil  for a few minutes,,that brings the scar tissue down..if it dosent go down then it sounds like definately infection....Wendy

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on 9/26/08 3:51 am - Barberton, OH
Most of the time these bumps are what is called suture abscesses. It is where the body is kind of "rejecting"  a suture. It is no more harmful than a pimple & sometimes even feels like one. you can still check with your doc, but if I had to guess, I would say that is it no big deal. Hope this helps!
R. Elizabeth
on 9/26/08 3:56 am
The Dr. called me back, he said it may be a small hematoma and that it's normal so long as there is no redness, heat or a fever.  They said to call back if it gets bigger or if I develop a fever or redness but otherwise not to worry.  Phew.
Waltraud G.
on 9/26/08 4:45 am - Bartlett, TN
THAT makes sense.  Glad to get an answer myself.  Like I said, mine went away as the redness faded.
on 9/26/08 5:02 am, edited 9/26/08 5:08 am - Where the four winds blow me safely home, NY

I had one too.  I complained, doc said I was fine.  Then later I said it was getting a little bigger...doc sent me for an ultrasound.  All looked fine.  One week later I was in the hospital with an abcess and caught staph when they opened it up.  (full story in my blog)

Be persistant.  If you think something is wrong insist on a CT scan.  That's how they see if it is an abcess.  I was in the hospital a week and 1/2 with mine.  Throwing up uncontrollably.  Ugh.  Also check your temp around midnight each night (or before you go to bed)  for some reason I was having what they call a "midnight spike" fever with mine.  a little high a night and fine in the day.  It progressed to a low grade fever all day and near 103 every night (in the hospital) I had to have IV antibiotics and a home nurse for a month and 1/2.

Not trying to boo hoo or scare you but you know your body better than your doc and you'll KNOW that something is not right, even if they tell you you're ok.

They called my lump "scar tissue" the 1st 2 times I complained.

Hope it works out to be nuttin'  :)  :)  :)  ~Stella

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R. Elizabeth
on 9/26/08 5:10 am
Did you have open or laparoscopic surgery?  Did your lump hurt at all?  Was it red or warm to the touch?

The bump I felt/feel is completely painless just very hard, small and right under my incision.
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