Oprah getting bypass?

on 10/28/08 4:02 pm
I heard on the radio this morning that oprah is getting the gastric bypass? I thought she was against the bypass? Is this just a rumor?

 Kitty Kay

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RNY 7-30-08
Mommy O.
on 10/28/08 4:05 pm

Well, I haven't heard about it .. last i knew she wasn't very supportive of the surgery but if she does get it i'm sure she'll make a show about it ..:) 



Amethyst H.
on 10/29/08 1:17 am - WA
I think a lot of people who have had the surgery would formerly have spoken against it... I haven't heard one way or another that she is considering having the surgery... but it wouldn't surprise me if she was able to change her mind... though I didn't realize she had gained enough weight to warrant that.
on 10/28/08 4:10 pm
Yeah, I heard she was against it as well. Maybe it was just a rumor. Who knows...thanks for responding.
 Kitty Kay

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RNY 7-30-08
April Lopez
on 10/28/08 4:22 pm - logansport, IN
Who knows about Oprah ! She has always said she is against it, on what grounds I am yet to know.
She has had ups and downs in her weight for years. I still can see the image of her pulling that wagon onto her stage full of Hamburger meat in the equivelent of poundage she lost that time. She made such a ordeal over her " ON HER OWN WEIGHT LOSS", then gained it all back plus some.
Don't get me wrong, I love Oprah. I watch her most every day and she stands behind some awesome causes , I just don't get her take on Bypass.....If she does get bypass after years of disagreement , I am sure the media will have a field day with it.

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on 10/28/08 11:07 pm
I have watched several of Oprah's shows where she has been opposed to weight loss. I also remember that wagon, that 67 pounds and those great jeans that only fit her for a few days. From that show I got the idea of doing the liquid diet. Like Oprah, I lost and then immediately regained, with extra of course. I know I'm not the only one who jumped on that band wagon after Oprah.

I'm sure she is aware that if she has WLS or even supports it, then she may be the catalyst for many people to have the surgery. What if something goes wrong for one of them? What if they lose and regain? I think Oprah may not want to be responsible for what other people do in regards to their weight, so she is very careful about supporting anything with even the potential of a bad outcome. Just my opinion, of course.

For years I was opposed to WLS because I thought it was too drastic and I was afraid. Then there came the time when I was more afraid NOT to have it. I considered it a last resort, which it why I have to make this work. I don't have any other options. I wish Oprah all the luck in the world with whatever weight loss method she chooses.

I am 11 months out and down 130 pounds. I have about 50 pounds to go. This was the best decision of my life but it took me years to decide to do it!
on 10/28/08 5:57 pm - Where the four winds blow me safely home, NY
Channel 2 has poor reception here...Did Oprah gain it all back?

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on 10/28/08 6:23 pm - South of Buffalo, NY
Haven't heard that Oprah is having GB ... If she does, that's ok.  Everyone is entitled to change their opinions on something.  I used to be VERY anti-wls ... Until I became MO and unable to keep the weight off. 


on 10/28/08 9:52 pm - Pitman, NJ
How many times prior to surgery have each of us said, that's not for me..i can do it on my own. I know I did, many, many times.  Until I continued to fail.

Perhaps Oprah has finally realized the same. Perhaps she has finally realized that WLS isn't the magic bullet that everyone says it is, but a tool -- no different than Bob Green as a trainer, a chef to cook her all the healthy foods.  It's just another tool to add to her tool box.

14 pounds lost before surgery. My first ticker is when I hit onderland: this was my goal when I started on this journey.  I want to focus on that right now...once I get there I can reevaluate.

My second ticker is my dream goal. Even if I only visit there for a short time, it would be nice to see that number just once.  I am pretty sure I'll need plastics to hit this goal.

on 10/28/08 9:56 pm - MD
I contend Oprah is anti-wls (at least publicly) because she can't make any money off of it. Marketing books, diet plans, etc...there is financial incentive for her.

Don't get me wrong, I like Oprah but her anti-WLS stance annoys me because she has such influence over so many people, many of who could be greatly helped by wls.
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