Tastes and Smells cause nausea

on 11/15/08 8:02 am
This reminds me of my first trimester of preganancy. I can smell food on people's clothing who walk into my house. My shampoo, my lotions, my sugar free drinks just are putrid smelling to me. Has anyone else had this and is there anything that can relieve this insidous symptom? This is my 6th day out from surgery.
on 11/15/08 8:05 am - Idleyld, OR
ME! It sucks!!!  You might try hot peppermint tea.  It is supposed to settle the tummy.

Hang in there!! It does get better!


on 11/15/08 8:14 am
Me too. The smell of trash bothered me before, but now I just cant!  Like coffee grounds in the trash..EEEWWW. And the smell of bad breath. Yes, a bad smell, obviously, but now I just cant tollerate it!  My poor husband is brushing his teeth and chewwing gum all day long so he can be around me.

Maybe it's just b/c we are not eating real food yet. I know taste does have something to do w/ smell...or maybe I'm just crazy.
on 11/15/08 8:18 am - Las Vegas, NV
RNY on 10/13/08 with
I felt the same way.  My first 2 weeks post op were awful.  I felt like I was pregnant.  They cleaned the bathrooms at work and I had no place to vomit from the smell.  lol  It was bad.  But now not too bad.  Sometime something will bother me but I am good for the most part.  It will get better.


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April Lopez
on 11/15/08 8:21 am - logansport, IN
I suffer this and I am one year and nine days post op. I use Motion Sickness pills from Walmart. It is Equatte brand. Since your early out I would ask my doc before taking them. I remember the day after surgery they had me walking the halls, I passed a conference room that all sorts of food smells were coming out of, I got dizzy and ouked right there on the floor. They were having a carry in for nursing staff and the smell about did me in. I am very sensative post op to all sorts of smells and taste. The smell of Shrimp or seafood about drops me to my knees !

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Leslie T.
on 11/15/08 8:27 am - Northern, KY
I was like this between week 4-6 post-op.  Even the sight of food commercials made me sick, and even vomitting at times.   Then it passed.  One day I could just keep things down and food smells didn't bother me as bad.   I think my personal nausea was closely related to my stricture though.  When it was corrected my nausea was gone.

~ Leslie
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on 11/15/08 8:54 am - Fargo, ND
Ya'll make me glad I was so sick after surgery for like 6 weeks that I could of cared less about any foods or commericals. The smells were odd I did have those. Once I could smell the sugar beet plant in side the hospital. The closest plant is maybe 6 miles away and NO ONE else could smell it. When that smell left it was dill pickles I smelled.
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