Travel after gallbladder surgery

on 11/18/08 7:40 am - Belfair, WA
Can anyone tell me why you're supposed to wait a week before traveling after lap gall bladder surgery?  I can't get ahold of my surgeon and need to know now.  She left me a message saying most people are fine after about a week.  I need to take a 2.5 hr plane trip 2-3 days later.  Will that be ok? 


on 11/18/08 8:11 am - Denver, CO
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Well it' s like the RNY surgery,  you are not going to have much energy or be able to walk much and an air plane trip is not he problem it's getting to and from the plane and the discomfort you may have.  I woul not recomend 2-3 days after,  1 week maybe possible if you have too,  two weeks would be better for your strength and sanity.

I've had lap Apedectomy and the lap RNY and both times it was about a week before I felt like I could go anywhere even in a car.   You will also be in lots of pain after words and be on heavy medication. 

So good question, do you have to do this trip?  ( most airlines,  and this is from experience be cause apendix had the idea of acting up hours before I was to fly,  will work with you on changing plans, though if it's emergency surgery then they may wave the cost to change.)

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on 11/18/08 2:18 pm - Belfair, WA

My sister is set to pass away any day now.  My dr wants my gallbladder out as soon as we can, which is Friday.  I need to get down to see my sister or at least go to her service.  So, yeah, I HAVE to go!!  I wish I could wait a couple of weeks, but I just can't.  I would have left yesterday if I could have.  Thanks for your advice.  If the pain is too much, I of course will wait to go, but I'm hoping I will be ok.


Dena W.
on 11/18/08 9:49 am - Tarpon Springs, FL
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Your surgeon probably just wants to make sure you're really okay after you go home.  We generally tell people no driving for at least 1 week postop, but I've honestly never had one ask me about flying, and it's not one of the routine discharge instructions we give out.  There is usually a 1-week follow-up appointment with the surgeon following lap GB surgery, so my guess is that she just wants to clear you finally before you going up, up, and away.  I have seen a few have to be readmitted to the hospital in that first week for different complications, as can happen with ANY surgery.

That having been said -- I had my gallbladder out 18+ years ago, also done lap, and here's how my hospital stay went:  gallbladder out day #1, discharged from hospital day #2, drove from FL to NC day #3 -- NO complications at all (and even went on a job interview in NC on day #4). 

And 20 months ago, I had my lap RNY and then went back to work as an RN 1 week postop. 

Best wishes! 
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on 11/18/08 2:21 pm - Belfair, WA
Thanks so much for your advice.  This is outpatient surgery, so I go in at 6am and leave as soon as I can.  A few hours is my guess.  I have a 3 month follow up, but he's using I think he said degradeable sutures.  Either that or steri strips.  Either way there wont be any stitches or staples to be removed.  Like I said in my previous post, if I was able to stay, I certainly would but I can't.  I just wanted to make sure that the change in air pressure wouldn't mess with me or anything.  Thanks again!


Sandra S.
on 11/18/08 1:30 pm - Mountain Home, ID
Hi there Simcat-
I had my gallbladder removed 20 days before I had my RNY only because I had stones.  I had my surgery on a Thursday and was back at work on Monday.  I was just a little sore but up and running around doing errands on Sunday.  The worst part of it for me was the allergic reaction I had to the glue on the tape they used on my incisions!!  EEEOOUCH

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it, but make sure you talk to your doctor first. 




on 11/18/08 2:22 pm - Belfair, WA
Thanks, Sandy.  I appreciate your advice.


on 11/18/08 2:40 pm, edited 11/18/08 2:40 pm

Sweetie, I know "you gotsta do what you gotsta do". But do try to contact your surgeon again. And puhlease....remember to take care of yourself along the way, too. 'Cause I for you, my friend!

I still have my gall bladder, so I can't offer any advice on that. But I went to a banquet a week after surgery and made it okay.

Have you moved yet? I have totally forgotten to ask you that!

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on 11/18/08 2:53 pm - Belfair, WA
Yeah, I'm back in WA now.  I'm so happy to be home.  Of course now I blame myself for not being there when she got super sick.  I knew she would get worse.  I know it's irrational, but it's how I feel.  Today her husband called me and said he didn't think she'd make it thru the day so I had to give her my goodbyes over the phone.  It was so hard.  I've been crying all day and I rarely cry.  My poor husband has no idea what to do with me!!  LOL.

My brother is mad at me for not going sooner, my brother in law is mad at my dad becuase he isn't going to go, my dad is mad at my mom for going, my mom is mad at my dad for being an ass, my mom is mad at Brenda's oncologist for "not trying hard enough" and I hate them all right now!  Well except my brother in law, of course.  The poor guy is outta his head right now.  He wants to have a memorial for her on the 29th of Nov which would have been their 10th anniversary. She wants to be cremated and have her ashes spread in OR at some waterfalls.  It should be beautiful.  He says he will "carry some of her with him forever".  This is so much more difficult than i thought it would be.  I can't even imagine what John is going through (her husband).  I mean, its hard enough for me and she's just my sister.  My husband??!!  That is unthinkable.  I don't know how I will ever look at the holidays the same again. 

I was going to fly for 2 days before my surgery, then fly back here, have surgery and do Bob's birthday party and then fly back afterwards, but I can't afford it!!  They are going to do a bereavment rate (thank God!!) so it wont be too awful.  Dan (my husband) is going to stay here unless I get down there and need him.  I hate that money is tight when it shouldn't be.  Why is it that when you have a little extra money, there is nothing pressing going on, but when you are tapped out, someone dies or gets married.  Have you ever noticed that??  LOL  Oh well.  Like my mom says, you can always find the money to do what you want, it just depends on how bad you want it.  It's so true.  You can scrape up money for stuff even when you don't think it's possible if you want it bad enough!!!

Thanks for your ear, Carmel.  Sorry I'm so damn depressing lately.  I hope to be my jovial self some day soon!!


on 11/18/08 4:47 pm, edited 11/18/08 4:49 pm

Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I read this... I wish I could be there to help you in some way! Like I told you in my e-mail the other night, if I can do ANY THING, let me know. Okay???

True friends stick with you no matter what...and you can have my ear anytime! Please PM me your new address when you get a chance.

You know I love you, my friend! (Gosh, I sound like John McCain now, don't I? Just a little Lisha-Cathie-Carmel humor there)