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My Poop Clogs Toilets!!!

on 2/22/09 7:42 pm - Covina, CA
We live in a house that was built in the late fifties.  We have had our share of plumbing problems so I have never been all that concerned when I have pooped and clogged the toilet at home.  I began keeping a plunger in the corner of my small bathroom for the last few months because almost every time I pooped, the toilet would back up.  Not a big deal, nothing to be concerned about, this is just the consequences of living with old plumbing, right?

Then it got worse.  One day I had to poop when I was at Target, and the toilet clogged.  Must have been someone that used the toilet before me and flushed a diaper.  Certainly that was reason.  But one day while I was at work, I had to poop and shock and dismay, the toilet backed up.  Well, it certainly couldn't have been a diaper that was accidentally flushed because I work in a high security building and have yet to see a baby with the proper security clearance even enter the building.  Perhaps an irate employee flushed a used Kotex pad or roll of paper towels shortly before I used the toilet.  My rationalization seemed entirely plausible.

Until this Friday, when I pooped again at home.  This time though, the plunger didn't work.  So I got out our trusty snake which would cause the clog to slither down the pipes and out of my life.  But that didn't work either.  I then got out the "big guns," an old garden hose that was flexible enough to act as the Boa Constrictor of all plumbing snakes.  To my dismay, it didn't work either.  Finally, my last shot was connecting the old garden hose to the bib outside and turning on the water full blast.  This was a great trick my Dad had showed me when I lived by myself in my condo right after college and couldn't afford to hardly buy toilet paper, much less hire a plumber.  Alas, this technique didn't work either, and now my clogged toilet had overflowed all over the bathroom floor.

After much sadness and meditation, I finally admitted to myself that my plumbing capabilities had failed me.  Yesterday morning, still wallowing in defeat, I called the Roto-Rescue guy, or whatever they call themselves these days.  Oh hooray, someone would be out to unclog my drain within the hour.  The guy arrived, and an HOUR AND A HALF later, the clog was gone.  So was $329.50 of my hard-earned money.  My only consolation is that it took the guy 90 minutes with a power snake to unclog the drain.  If I had continued to remain in denial and use the plunger, I would have finally gotten my toilet unclogged in 2011.

While my story has a happy ending, especially for the Roto Rescue guy, and while I most assuredly shared TMI, I can only wonder if other bariatric post-ops are having the same problem.  Have you suffered from similar plumbing problems?  Does your husband accuse you of all sorts of sins, including using too much toilet paper?  Do your small children laugh at you?  Or am I the only one *****ally does seem to be able to "sh-t a brick?"  Please share your experiences...  if you dare!
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on 2/22/09 8:01 pm
Anne, I thought I was going to P myself reading your story.  I am sorry if laughing insults you, but I can relate and laugh at myself.  I have no solution for you other than the one your hard earned dollars took care of, but I fedl better knowing that I'm not the only super-pooper.  There may be others', but somehow I don't think they are coming out of the (water)closet.    Thanks for the laugh!!!

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on 2/22/09 8:06 pm - Tomball, TX
OMG, thank you for the giggle and I want to say I am so impressed with your plumbing skills!   I dread plumbing repair.  Amazing.  I think there are several that have been there, done that.  Are you incorporating a fiber supplement in your diet?  If not, I recommend it.  It makes life so much easier.

Thanks for sharing, I mean that.  I"m still smiling too.
Dave Chambers
on 2/22/09 8:08 pm - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
With a $329 plumber bill, I bet some roots had gotten into your sewer line. In CA, it's the law the all new construction has to have "low flush" toilets, and that may be case in your area too. Since you said your home was built 50 years ago, I'm guessing the owner your home (you or a previous owner)  may have replaced your tolet(s) in recent years. These low flush toilets have "issues" with solid wast.  The newer low flush toilet (better brands like Kohler, etc) have better designs to utilize the low flush water amounts, and these rarely clog. I've replace my toilets in my 1977 home with low flush. First replacement I regretted, and modified the "guts" for a higher flush volume, as it constantly clogged. I did replace the other two with "high rise" seat type Kohler toilets and these rarely clog. Constipation can be an issue as a post op, and I'm guessing this may the issue in your case. "Logs" have a difficult time going through the newer toilets, and that's probably your issue. At home, I'd opt for a better toilet. That was my decision here. But you can't control what you have to use in public. DAVE

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on 2/22/09 8:11 pm - IL
RNY on 11/11/08 with
You  made me smile with your super poop.
on 2/22/09 8:35 pm
i used to have that problem...but since i had my gall bladder out 18 months ago i have the opposite problem.....

Ruth Ann 


on 2/22/09 8:49 pm - Auburn, CA
Oh yeah, it's not just me !
It's my family.
All of our tolits overflow.
This month is was mine.
Our house was built in 1965 so that's my excuse?
No, it happens @ work & at my former house which was built in 1985.

So, my lesson....coursey flush ...not for others, but for me so it goes down before time to settle & expand.

He he he

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on 2/22/09 10:56 pm, edited 2/22/09 10:56 pm - CA
OMG! We must be twins seperated at birth. I am convinced I now have mega colon or something. It is horrible, can't "GO" anywhere without issues of backed up plumbing. I was ready to confess to my Doc that something was horribly wrong.  BTW, It is NOT the plumbing. But then I would make a truck driver proud
                                                                                      Your twin  lol

erin J.
on 2/23/09 4:18 am - PITTSBURGH, PA
I will be sharing this with my husband because he seems to think that I am the only one who clogs our toilet at home.  Everytime I poop, I end up having to plunge and plunge and plunge then flush and repeat 3 times.  Unbelievable!!! I keep telling my husband that we need a new toilet but he never has these problems, but he  rarely stands there watching to see if the contents do in fact disappear for real.  I stand there, hoping and praying, rooting it on to get in the hole but to no advail....gurgling is all I seem to get.  Resume plunging!!!

Your indiscrete accounts made me laugh out loud and made me feel a little better....knowing that I am not alone in the land of unflushable and cloggable poop!


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on 8/11/13 7:49 am - OH
I showed this to my wife. She feels she's the only one. Please contact me.
on 2/23/09 4:35 am - Fredericksburg, VA
My brother and I have had the same problem all of our lives, as did out father. Sometimes it helps to break up the poops with the plunger, or to poop in installments and flush away multiple times during a BM. I haven't had to resort to getting a plumber out though. Usually the above methods work or turning off the water to the tank after it fills up so if the BM doesn't go down the water won't come up over the commodes top.
on 2/23/09 5:53 am - Richmond, VA
I had to laugh while reading this.  It could be me.  I clog up toilets everywhere!!  Yesterday, I was visiting my DH at the hospital and clogged up that toilet!!  At home, however, I keep a gallon or bigger jug in the bathroom.  When there is a clog, I pour very ho****er down the toilet for about 10 min.  It seems to work.  (This was DH's idea)
Thanks for sharing. I really thought it was only me!!

on 2/23/09 7:16 am - MA
Not that *I* have ever had such an unlady like problem but.. umm. a little dish soap squirted into the toilet , let sit, then plunge works wonders!

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on 2/23/09 7:45 am - Covina, CA
Oh hooray, I am not alone! 

No, discovering that others are laughing at my problem only makes me laugh more.  All of your stories were absolutely hilarious.  And no, none of the toilets that I have used and clogged were "low flush" water-saving toilets.  I am fairly certain that if that's all our house had, I would be better off digging a hole in the back yard and pooping there.  But while our garden would most likely benefit, I am sure it would scare off all the neighborhood cats, not to mention our own loveable chicken-dog, who is deathly afraid of our washer and dryer, pool sweep and wind chimes.
Highest Known Weight:  312 lbs.
Weight on Surgery Day:  302 lbs.
Current Weight:  197 lbs.
Weight Lost:  -115 lbs. from Highest Weight
Goal Weight:  165 lbs.
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on 1/18/12 7:57 pm
hi, so glad to find you.  i had bariatric surgery almost 2 years ago and it was after that when my huge BMs started.  i attributed it to the Fibercon that i was told to take so a few weeks ago i stopped the Fibercon but still have the problem.  i have talked to the bariatric nurse and my own doctor about it and got the impression that i am the first person to ever present with the problem.  Dr said "modern plumbing just doesn't accomodate a heathy bowel movement'.
but i need a solution, seriously.  i take it day by day.  i try to only use public restrooms that have super power flush (like Walmart).  is there a  link between the surgery and the problem?  well if there is or if there isn't, the problem is here and we need a solution.  Congratulations on the weight loss.  i lost 90 pounds and need to lose 15 more.
on 2/23/09 8:15 am - Highland, IN
OMG!  I'm so glad to hear that it's not just me...I have to keep a wire hanger along with a plunger next to my toilet.  Crazy!!
on 2/23/09 9:22 am - St.Marys, OH
Too funny on the timing.
This just happened to me this morning also!
I dropped a "full load", and after multiple flushes, it ran over the top onto the floor.
I was mortified as to how much was inside me. I weighed myself  afterwards and lost 2.5 pounds!
So, that meant a load of towels and a rug went directly into the washer and the bathroom got freshly cleaned.
Thanks for the chuckle, (I was not laughing while I was cleaning up the mess!)
Have a great day!
on 2/23/09 10:57 am

Poop in installments, OMG I'm dying over here.  Too too funny.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Phil.4:13

on 7/2/11 4:40 pm
This reply was made a long time ago, but I just happened to be looking things up today and saw this:;jsessionid=WGEKS3EZ2Y431LAZAGRSFEVMDEA0IJVC?clear=true&catID=cat10009&id=cat10009

They have larger sized toilet seats which, if you still need one, seems to be pretty helpful.
on 2/17/15 2:52 pm
RNY on 06/08/09 with



I know this is an old post, but I wanted to respond because I now don't feel so alone with my ginormous "mega poops"! I keep a supply of small plastic hangers in the bathroom to use to break up my super poops, and then throw it away. Courtesy flushes or flushing while pooping sometimes works but often makes things worse because the poop gets stuck anyway.  I think my hubby still thinks I'm clogging the toilet with paper, but, alas, it's just me and my super poops!   

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