OK, so how long do you wait to drink after eating?

on 2/28/09 6:10 pm - Fort Bragg, NC
In my surgeons program, they said about 9 months ago to wait 30 minutes before and after eating to drink. Now as I went through the program (I am 6 weeks out) I was told to wait 45- 60 minutes. Than I found the link for pouch rules for dummies and it says to not drink for 90-120 minutes after finishing eating.  So, my question is what works for you in relation to your weight loss and how long its been since your surgery?
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J. B
on 2/28/09 6:16 pm - Weehawken, NJ
 I would say for the first 9 months it was 30 mins before and 30-45 mins after wards. Then again it also depends on what you eat. If you eat steak and potato's I would defiantly not drink right away, but if I had a yogurt and banana, now I would wait less then 30.

Now at 19 months post op I do eat and drink at the same time, with no pain but not a lot and again it depends on what I eat. 
Kathy J.
on 2/28/09 6:23 pm
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When I was early out, I waited 30 minutes before and after I ate before I started drinking. But, now I usually drink right up until I start eating...but wait for about 30-45 minutes after I eat before I start drinking again.  That usually works fine for me but if your surgeon tells different, always follow what they say  :)   I feel my weight loss has been going fine and I'm about 6 months out. I've always been a drinker while eating so this rule was super hard for me to get use to!   I still find myself sipping while eating which is a big NO NO as far as my surgeon goes....so I always have to stop myself. They say to not have anything around while you're eating but I'm afraid to do that...in case I "need" water...it's there.  I guess it's a phobia of choking or something?   At any rate, it's a rough rule for me but I do try to stay on track as much as I can. 
on 2/28/09 6:27 pm - SD
I am amost 4 months out post op. I drink up till the time that I eat, and wait 1 hour after I eat. per surgeons rule. he told me he did not want me to worry about drinking so many ounces a day but to continue to keep on drinking  when I am not eating basically. which has been hard cause i am not much of a person to drink so much milk a day such as 2 glasses, bu****er i can continue to drink it which makes me go potty constantly. LOL

Good Luck!


on 2/28/09 6:45 pm - Klamath Falls, OR
I am 10 months out & 122 pounds gone.  I have always been told, by my surgeon and nutritionist, stop drinking 30 minutes before and do not drink 45 to 60 minutes after.  The point is you want the pouch empty so you can pack it with protein and then you want the body to take its time digesting..if you drink too soon you are washing away your hard won protein & not doing yourself any favors.  Also, you need to take into consideration what you are eating.  If you drink too soon you can cause certain foods to swell and that can lead to pain and possibly getting sick.  This is just what I have learned and what I go by.  Sounds like everyone does something different though.
on 2/28/09 7:09 pm - Hudson, NH
my program always said 30 minutes before and after and that has worked.  There is no way you should wait 90-120 minutes, especially in the beginning b/c getting your fluids in is very important so to waste that much time not drinking is not a good idea.  And if you drink too soon you will either hurt your stomach, stretch your pouch, puke it up or push your food through to fast which will make you hungry too soon and then you eat again and defeat the purpose of the pouch.  Hope this helps.
on 2/28/09 7:11 pm - Hudson, NH
By the way, my surgery was 2 years 3 mos ago.  I lost a total of 120lbs (before & after surgery) but I have gained a little bit back in the last 6 mos.
on 2/28/09 7:10 pm

My suggestion is follow your surgeon's recommendation.  There are way to many variations on what one doctor thinks compared to what others think.

My program was no liquids 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after.  Now that I can eat more and feel some hunger I'll drink up to my planned meal and then wait 30 minutes or so after eating before drinking again. 

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~ Robin ~
on 2/28/09 7:17 pm - Muskegon, MI
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30 minutes before - 45-60 minutes after, if possible.

  - I will learn to let go what I cannot change, but I will change whatever I can. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Have you taken your vitamins today? 


on 2/28/09 9:18 pm - Willingboro, NJ
I've never waited.  I take sips with my meals.  What's the difference between having sips of water and having soup for lunch or a stew?  I only have a couple oz with a meal.  That's not 6-8 oz but more like 1-2 oz.  I know that's contrary to the "pouch rules" but my original surgeon didn't believe in them.  I lost 230 lbs after my RNY.
on 3/1/09 7:13 am
Early out - I waited a very long time.  But, many of my meals WERE LIQUID, so it didn't matter anyway.

Now, five years out, I sip whenever I want, even with meals.  If I waited 90-120 minutes, I would get zero liquids in during the day.
on 3/2/09 8:32 am - Fort Bragg, NC
The pouch rules for dummies to me seems ridiculous, but really the amount of time waiting to drink works out to be the same no matter what. What truly bothers me is that my surgeon has recently changed his rule and I'm not sure why. My friend had surgery about 9 months ago and she was given a much different program to follow than I was. It just doesn't make sense. I have been setting a timer for 30 minutes to drink after eating and sometimes I go longer after it rings. Not any longer than a hour though. Thanks for the responses.
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on 8/30/12 2:00 pm - Denmark

I had my surgery 10 and a half years ago in 2002.  The way I understand it is this
hy we don't drink with meals.......

Sometimes understanding WHY we have to do something (or not do something) helps us follow the rules. Here's the low-down:

Before surgery you had the pyloric valve at the bottom of your stomach to keep food in the stomach while is began the digestive process. As food was digested and ready enough to be released into the intestine, the pyloric valve (a trap door really) would open and let a small amount of food out of the stomach and into the intestines. Digestion would continue, the trap door woud open and a bit more food would be released. And on and on... This process can take 2 to 3 hours in a normal stomach.

AFTER RNY we have to mimic this action manually and the only way to keep food in our pouch (which is basically a funnel now with no trap door) we have to eat dense foods and not mix it with liquid. The denser the food, the longer it can stay in the pouch. Food can stay in your pouch for up to 1.5 to 2 hours if you don't drink water. The minute you add water (or any liquid) to the mix, you are creating a "soup" that will quickly empty out of your pouch.

About 40% of the digestive enzymes our food needs to be broken down is contained in our saliva. Our pouch does not produce gastric acid anymore, so the salive enzymes are all we have to work with here... Which is another reason why need to chew, chew, chew really well. Once food gets to the pouch, those digestive enzymes go to work on the food to begin breaking it down (mostly carbohydrates). Our pouch doesn't churn as much as our old stomach used to, but there is still some movement with that well-chewed food. The longer it stays in the pouch, the more it is broken down and prepared for the intestines to do their work of grabbing nutrients from the food. If we wash the food out too quickly, the intestines can not absorb the nutrients from the food we eat because it passes too quickly undigested. (This can also increase the risk of constipation and intestinal blockage.)  

So keep water away from your pouch as long as you can.  You will begin having weight issues again if you do not change this.  Keep bad habits gone and you will never revisit the past. 

So Blessed!
on 3/2/09 8:38 am

My surgeon said liquids not allowed 30 minutes before and 1 hour after meals.