How do you know when you have a pouch leak?

on 3/2/09 11:47 am - Seaford, VA

So thats my question! I have been doing liquids all day long, and I am VERY gasy. I am normally a gasy person and I don't know if I need to call my doctor or what to do. I REALLY REALLY need some advice tonight! ASAP please!


Lori D.
on 3/2/09 12:05 pm - Osceola, IN
Hi Stacy. I am not sure about the pouch leak, but I am finding out that gas is a serious side effect from wls that is not mentioned by most doctors. I am 6 years post op and have been dealing with this issue. My pouch has been xrayed several times and is perfectly fine. No leaking. Hope this relieves some of your fears, but if you are newly post op and still having trouble with gas in the a.m. it is probably best to call your doc. I have tried everything, but some people have had good luck with the charcoal pills (OTC in the isle with the heartburn meds). Some people also have problems with artificial sweeteners, so watch how much of that you are getting. But, it does seem to be a normal thing. I just wish docs would be more honest about that. Hope this helps ease your mind some. Lori.
Amy Williams
on 3/2/09 12:07 pm - Augusta, GA
Hi Stacy,

The gas is going to be generally from the surgery, if you had it Lap.  If you are having issues with gas the best advice is to move as much as possible, if that doesn't seem to do the trick contact your surgeon's office to see if GasX would be appropriate.  If you did have a leak you would get very sick, very quickly.  When in doubt always call your surgeon's office, that is what they are there for.

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on 3/2/09 1:05 pm
DS on 03/31/09 with
i can't say for sure how you tell, but i do remember Dr. Rabkin saying that after around 10days, the risk of leaks drops to a very low percentage, and decreases even more the longer out you get.
on 3/2/09 2:44 pm
I was 5 days post op, and had been released to go home.  I was experiencing excruciating pain, radiating through to my back.  My abdomen was extremely swollen.  My husband came home early (thankfully), to find me near death.  He rushed me to the hospital, and I was diagnosed with peritonitis.  I stayed in the hospital for 7 weeks, then released to go back home with home health care for another month.  My story is posted on my profile.
Good luck!!

on 3/2/09 11:45 pm - East Peoria, IL
Wow! You have certainly been through hell and back. My story is so similiar its scary. I can totally sympathize with you. Most people in our situations don't recover.

Bottom line: If you think you may be experiencing a leak, don't mess around- get ur ass to the ER!


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