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on 3/10/09 11:32 am
I am set for surgery on 03/17.  my dr wants me to start a liquid diet on 03/11 to shrink my liver.  It is to be low carb no sugars high protein.  I know my dr knows best but in anyone elses experience does a liver shirink that fast.  not really sure how big mine is.  any input will be helpful

on 3/10/09 11:48 am
My doctor put me (and all of his patients) on a 14 day diet. We can only have 5 high protien slim fast shakes a day, all the 0 cal beverages we want, clear broth, clear juice, SF Jello and SF popsicles. I am having surgery on the 16th. I dont know if it shrinks that fast. But I do know I miss being able to chew my food and really hate slim fast!!

Good luck though, I am sure you will be fine!!!

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on 3/10/09 11:49 am - Livermore Falls, ME
All doctor requirements are different.  I didn't have to do a liquid diet, but I was required to lose 10% of my excess body weight to shrink my liver.  I know some programs do the liquid diet for 10 days so am sure that after 7 days of drinking just liquids, the fat surrounding your liver will get used up, hence shrink the size of it.  Good luck with your surgery it will come quick!
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on 3/10/09 11:50 am
yes, it really does. besides, you don't want to go to sleep thinking you're have a lap and wake up to find that they had to cut you open because they couldn't get at your innerds.


on 3/10/09 11:38 pm - Ft Rucker, AL
LOL @ All-Of-Me.  Innerds, love the way you put that.

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on 3/10/09 11:54 am
I asked some questions about that too.  Yes, even if you loose 5-10 lbs (depending on your BMI) it will make a diiference.  They actually need to retract your liver in order to place the band.  They want you to loose as much as you can in a short time before the surgery...that's why they recommend results.  Good luck!
on 3/10/09 1:42 pm - AR
My doctor explained that the first place you gain or lose fat from is from your liver, so any weight you lose will have an impact on your liver.

on 3/10/09 2:01 pm - mayfield heights, OH
I am set for surgery on 3/23 and am required to do a 2 week liquid diet.  I was told that it makes it easier for them to maneuver inside of you if your liver shrinks.  That will also reduce the time you are on the surgery table.
But, it is really hard for me to do!!!
on 3/10/09 2:37 pm
When your body is not getting any carbs, the liver begins to breakdown it's fatty stores for energy. the process begins very quickly. I was on a low carb diet for one month, then spent two days on liquids. My doc had no problem doing my procedure laparoscopically.
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on 3/10/09 3:04 pm
I saw my dr. in january and he told me to go on a low carb diet,  but i just got approved today how did your dr. put you on the low carb diet or did you do it on your own I ve been cutting back on carbs but have not eliminated them completely and i have a shake every morning I started the master cleanse today also known as the lemonade diet, b4 i found out that i was approved
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