Kirkland Protein Shake...Help

on 3/10/09 10:40 pm - Windsor, Canada

Good Day Ladies and Gents,
I had a friend at work give me some Kirkland chocolate protein shake powder.  I find it very tasty but she did not tell me the amt of protein in it and I mixed it with milk and I can not get a hold of her..  Does anybody know how much protein is in one scoop and can I also add the 9 gm of protein from my milk. 



on 3/10/09 11:02 pm - MA
Maybe if you type it in online it will tell you.
Dave Chambers
on 3/10/09 11:04 pm - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
Kirkland is a brand name of Costco Stores in the US. You might try their web site to see if it's listed there. You'll have to check the label. The label may say to mix with NF milk, 1% milk, etc. and then list the total protein level, including the milk. Or it may say so many grams mixed with water and so many grams mixed with a specific grade of milk. I just typed in your item in Google, and got erProductCatListing.aspx?SiteID=0ba6acd1e22e4698a84c33282024 8c00&&CatID=6 but has no listing or calories, carbs, only 50 gr protein per serving. Normally it's best to stick to 25-30 gr of protein per shake during the first few months. DAVE

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