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Lump at incision site?

on 3/15/09 6:31 pm

Question - has anyone who has had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery had a lump at any of the incision sites?

on 3/15/09 6:41 pm - Escalon (Modesto), CA
I felt a very small lump at my incision but it was under the skin.  When I asked my surgeon about it he said it was the knot, where is the incision is tied, under the skin and that it was nothing to worry about it.


on 3/15/09 6:53 pm - Canada
It's likely a small pocket of fluid. It will be absorbed over the next few weeks.
If it's red or hot feeling then get it checked...might be brewing some infection.
Either way...if you're worried get it checked.
Take care
PS if your surgery was a long time ago might be a hernia.......
on 3/15/09 7:00 pm - Saugus, CA
Something is making me say to NOT put on neosporin or any other antibiotic cream/ointment on your incision sites. My surgeon explained that the wound actually heals from the inside out and, although the wound seldom opens, to heal the outside before the inside is ready can cause complications.

I don't ever recall having a lump on my incision sites. If it is bothering you, or if you develop a fever or the site becomes red and/or hot, then see your surgeon.
on 3/15/09 9:34 pm - Port Charlotte, FL
I had laparoscopic RNY too, and had the same lumps under a couple of the incisions; it was a combination of the subcutaneous stitches, and---and mind you, this is really really gross, don't read on if you're easily squicked out, lol--what I disovered one day to be dried up pus, from when the incisions were glued closed topically and the fluid couldn't drain.  The two "main" incisions had been itchy and bothering me; I thought what I felt was stitches and scabs, till I got to really looking and ended up pulling out a couple chunks of nasty about the size of grains of rice.  I made this face:  D:
on 3/15/09 10:18 pm - Claremont, CA
RNY on 02/04/09 with
I had a small lump under one of my incisions.  I noticed it a couple weeks after surgery and was a little concerned it wasn't healing right.  I kept massaging it and it didn't have any pain or puss.  I figured I would tell my surgeon on my month appt.  Well, by that appt. it had already disappeared so I never asked about it.  You should be concerned if there is pain or puss. 

Best wishes.



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on 3/16/09 2:37 am
Thank you everyone *****sponded!   I will see my surgeon this Thursday however may call his office today. While I don't have any pus or pain, the site where the lump is does feel uncomfortable. I only had surgery on 3/6/9 so I don't believe it is a hernia. Again thanks everyone for your responses!
on 3/16/09 3:14 am

UPDATE - I was sitting here looking at the posts and my nightie got all wet. The incision site started draining  and smelled horrid! I called my doctor right away and he said let it drain and unless I feel feverish or the site gets hot, it is normal for that particular site to drain/be infected. I'll see him later this week unless something changes...God willing it will just drain and everything will be fine!

Again thanks for all your replies & support!

Nancy G.
on 3/16/09 4:08 am - La Salle, IL
 I had this happen.  It is a seroma -- a pocket of fluid the body sends to a wound site to help healing.  I just kept gauze pads on it.  When I showered, I cleaned it well, patted it dry, applied new dressings.  It did take mine 6 weeks to close back up and was a pain in the rear.  I ended up having to get gauze sponges at WalMart.  They are bigger and thicker and could hold the fluid that was produced.  My surgeon warned me that it could produce a gusher.  So dont be surprised.  

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on 3/16/09 4:32 am

I guess I'll have to see about getting the gauze sponges then because I've gone through one washcloth and a hand towel so far. The smell is not good but there is less coming out now. The incision is not gaping (thank God) and I thought it was almost closed until this morning. It's a good thing they don't tell you about these things (like the gushing of this draining fluid) or I'd have been scared more than I was when it first happened. A trip to Walgreen's (near my house) is going to be happening today!

Thanks for your reply!

on 3/16/09 6:18 am
RNY on 01/20/09 with
get the big thick surgi pads.  those are wonderful.
The same thing happened to me.  It was HORRID and drained for days and days and days.
My site was infected though (red and puckering at the staples) so i ended up at the ER with antibiotic IV and a prescription for more antibiotics.

The waking up to the draining was horrific. 

good times. 

The lump gets smaller as it drains.  Best Wishes!! 
on 3/16/09 1:55 pm
Did you have the laparoscopic RNY? They took out the staples on the 6 sites prior to my discharge on 3/8/9. This was the only site with a lump. After the draining occurred, the site was reddish and wrinkled however now it seems to have stopped draining and I don't feel the uncomfortable feeling of the lump now...thank goodness!

Thanks for your input & help!
on 12/1/09 9:25 pm - lake in the hills, IL
 i have a seroma on my leg that just burst almost a year out of surgery. it was drained in june andi though it was ok. just a small lump. but a week ago it got red, sore, inflamed and burst this morning. pain subsided some but i have to dress it now. it looks awful. have to get a shot in the hip for 5 days also.

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on 9/4/13 9:28 am - FL
REALIZE Band on 05/01/13 with

I had a seroma also that suddenly drained.  Surgeon says it is gone but the drainage has not stopped.  It's been four months.  Doc says that there is a pocket still behind my incision in my belly button.  Your body just naturally wants to fill any space with fluid.  So, they want to go back in and clean it out, make sure there is no infection (so far no symptoms, took a round of antibiotics), and make sure the port is healing correctly.

I have stabbing pain at the port site.  I'm not sure why, but I pray that when she goes in she will see what's going on, and fix it.

By the way, I love my surgeon Dr. Jessee.  She did my husband's surgery also - no complications - and the support has been phenomenal.  He has lost 125 lbs and is in the best shape of his life.  You all know that means he has worked really hard, but we credit Dr. Jessee and her staff with being the best cheer section we could ever ask for!

Anyone else have stabbing pain at the port site?  What was it?

on 3/16/09 6:22 am
UPDATE - I took a shower and have redressed it with gauze afterwards and after keeping a washcloth over it for about an hour it seems to not be draining as much.