looking for a tummy tuck doctor who takes medicare

tammy C.
on 3/16/09 7:06 am - bham, AL
im looking for a doctor in the southern states i live in alabama but i can travel
Susan S.
on 3/16/09 7:29 am - Roselle, NJ
RNY on 02/06/07 with
 At best medicare will pay for a panni - but that even requires a medical documentation of rashes etc...........a tummy tuck is considered a cosmetic procedure and my understanding is that it's not covered....but maybe somebody else has had luck.      The important thing is to document issues with your PCP or surgeon.    Good luck.  Susan
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on 3/16/09 9:21 am - Florence, AL
Hi, So your looking for a plaqstic surgeon.... I haven't had my WLS as of yet but I did have a tummy tuck back in June 2005  before I got married ...My doctor did take medicare at that time but I did not qualify because my belly skin flap did not come to my thigh so I had to pay just over $4000.00 for my surgery,  but you can check and see if that has changed now the doctor that done mine was AWSOME!!! Was Dr. Telepun he is from Decatur, Al I would recomend him to anyone.. He actually has a website as well. the link is    http://www.decaturplasticsurg.com/frame%20set%20dps%20welcom e%20page%20.htm  this will give oyu some ideas of what he does.the phone number is 256-340-5188 

There are different surgery's they can do the can do the mini or the full tummy tuck with or with out the muscles being done... I had my muscles done and haqd the full tummy tuck where they make me a new belly button and I loved it but it was really painfull for a few weeks and for the first month everytime I coughed or laughed it was like millions of electrodes were attached to me and were sending electricity through my belly but after I healed up from it I am very please now... I was diganosed as a dibetic in May of 08 and I have piled on the weight so I have to now have the WLS kinda backwards I know but that is just me lol