Bypass patient with a cold!


on 3/21/09 11:23 am
Hi everyone!

Let me start by saying hello! I'm not a patient, but the spouse of one. My husband is 3.5 weeks out of bypass and, in my opinion, doing great! He's very positive, motivated, and for the most part sticking right to "the program".

I've been with him since day one when he decided to take this journey. I knew the surgery would be the best for him in regards to his long-term health but it had to be his decision, one he chose to make at the beginning of December, '08. I've been to every doctor's appointment, read every brochure and been to every support meeting with him. The more I know, the more I can be of help as we move ahead with our life together.

Let's take us to now... like I said, he's 3.5 weeks out of surgery. He's doing well with his diet, and is up to soft/mushy pieces of food. So far he has tolerated everything well with only one food that gives him issues. (Chunk white turkey!) He's drinking well, and taking his vitamins as instructed. I wish my kids followed directions as good as him!

Ever since his surgery... and about a month prior... his energy level has been way down. Our son was home from school this week with a nasty cold. And just like clockwork, our daughter got it next. Today both him and I woke up with sniffling noses, watery eyes, congestion, and a sore throat. I know he can only take Tylenol for aches and pains, but has anyone else experienced cold-type symptoms where they have had to take over-the-counter medicine?  And if so, what did you take?

He's watching for fever, and so far, none yet. But he's still very tired a lot and can't get moving. I'm sure this won't help him to fight anything off!  Did many of you have a really low energy level after surgery?  And if so... for how long???

Thanks for your help. I look forward to reading all of your posts and learning about this process even more!!!

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Liz R.
on 3/21/09 11:43 am - Easton, PA
Sounds like he is going great. ANy of the tylenol products, dayquil/nyquil are what we can use (RNY) for colds.

Hope that the family feels better soon!!

It took me until about 6 weeks out to get back my energy and even then it was slow. Usually once you are eating more you start to feel more energy.

Best of luck!

on 3/21/09 11:44 am - Houston, TX
I think that it's nice that you are so supportive.  I was very tired for about two months after surgery and I didn't push myself - just made sure that I got plenty of rest, took my vitamins, and got my protein in.  Course I've never really been a ball of fire energy wise!!!  From what I read on here tiredness for a time after surgery is pretty much the norm. 

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on 3/21/09 12:41 pm - Peterborough, NH

I take the walmart brand of dayquil or nightquil it works for me.
About engergy i was exhasted for about the first 2 months like naps were my friends ... I am just at the point the last few weeks probably starting at like 4/12 to 5 months out of having ENERGY! 12 hours of shopping without sitting down for more then a couple minutes i think twice all togeather ... and have done that twice this week (btw i hate shopping) or the lets go for a walk after we just did cause its better then sitting in home and getting nervous ... which is seriously odd for me since i was a tad of a home body the last few years .. wow alot to get used to. but to sum up being tired is NORMAL! for the first 6-10 weeks then you build up energy ... Good Luck and as a Patient THANK YOU for supporting your patient. its sooooooooooo IMPORTANT!


on 3/21/09 1:42 pm
Thanks for the information. I always have Dayquil here in the house, since it is the only thing I can take too.

FYI: I am a type 1 diabetic. Diagnosed at age 14, with over 25+ years on insuln. I was "trained" early about eating habits and food knowledge so this has been helpful in helping my husband with his new eating habits, foods and recipes. Although for some reason, he still thinks he's the know-it-all. Maybe that's because he's a former chef!

Is it okay to take the Dayquil in gel-cap form or is this a liquid situation? The darn gel-caps are probably close to the size of his new stomach! Those pills are big even for a horse!

"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you might be the world."
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