Rash under my now hanging belly!

on 3/24/09 11:48 pm - NY
OK, so this rash has developed under my "apron." I 've never had a hanging apron or a rash before, so this is a first..  It is wider than my c-section incision, red and warm to the touch.  It looks really red and goes into my pubic line.  It also itches at night only. 

To cover all bases, and to get my insurance company to cover plastics (which they do :) ) I have an appt with my primary to thoroughly document it and I've taken pictures for my own records.

DO I need to do anything else?

I keep the area dry especially after a shower using a blow dryer on cool to really dry it off.  I'm really worried when the summer arrives and its hot and humid!


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on 3/24/09 11:54 pm - Las Cruces, NM
I get that rash frequently below my belly and also under my breasts.  I use the blow dryer to dry very well and follow up with a liberal amount of gold bond powder.  This seems to keep things in check.


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on 3/24/09 11:56 pm - Sevierville, TN
I use Desitin on mine. It covers and keeps it moisture proof for a few days so it can heal. Clean the area good with soap even though it stings. Desitin or anything with zinc will help but don't put anything on it until after your doctor documents it.
on 3/25/09 12:00 am - Narara, Australia
VSG on 04/15/09 with
This is a fungal infection and is really easily treated.

An anti fungal power will do the trick, if applied once a day after your shower.

Talc is better than creams for you...but you can get a spray talc

Here's a link to a produt in your country


Good luck!
on 6/26/11 6:22 am
 Women should NEVER use talc as it has been reported that it can contribute to ovarian cancer.  An anti-fungal powder from your family doctor or GYN is safe but NOT TALC.

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on 6/26/11 6:32 am
Then why haven't they taken it off the market???
on 6/26/11 11:41 am
That's an excellent question! I don't have a answer for you but feel free to google it and see what you find.  I imagine it's still on the market for the same reason cigarettes, aspartame, etc......$$$$.

on 3/25/09 12:11 am - DE
I get this rash more in the summer/warm months I call it the "FGR" " FAT-GIRL-Rash" he he!

I use a thin layer of Zinc Oxide every night after my shower and it keeps from getting this. Also i have a script i got from my OB/GYN i cant remember the name of it excatly but its very strong and normally if the rash is bad i will put that on instead of the zinc and its gone by morning!
on 3/25/09 12:12 am - DE
one more thing, after my shower i take  the blow dryer under my fold and make sure its very dry and no extra moisture then apply the cream(s)

Hope this helps!!!

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on 3/25/09 12:23 am, edited 3/25/09 12:23 am
Vagisil (yeast infections)
Tinactin spray/cream (fungal - athletes foot)
Depends on what is cooking there.

Watch out for heavy creams like balmex, desitin, etc. They can also seal in the moisture, which you don't want either. So people it works well for, others not so much.