Protein Shakes at Night???

on 4/6/09 12:35 pm - Oss, NY
Hello Everyone!
I am a post op lapbander who had not been successful until I really started working on getting my protein in place FIRST and FOREMOST. Since then, the weight is really coming off. I have been journaling for a month and I noticed that at night I really sabotage myself since I am able to eat more. I read that drinking protein shakes at night was a good thing.  I am wondering if I should have a protein shake when I start getting the urge to eat at night.  I guess Im answering my question as I write. If Im gonna eat anyway then why not have the protein shake which is a better option for me?? Your thoughts?

on 4/6/09 12:53 pm
RNY on 04/16/08 with
First, I am not a bandster. I do 3 protein drinks a day. One for breakfast, one for mid afternoon snack and one before bed. Its worked for me.

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on 4/6/09 1:00 pm - Hawthorne, CA
Hi Needa, I use the protein shake at night cause I think its a better option. The only time I don't is if I have had two and did not have dinner. Hope that helps. Im waiting on the band so this is my alternative untill surgery.
on 4/6/09 1:18 pm - northeast, TX
Doctors recommend using your protein first thing in the morning to kickstart your metabolism and last thing at night so your body can utilize the protein while rebuilding itself. 

I found that when I began using a protein before bedtime (and this was preo-op) that I quit waking up at 3 in the morning standing in front of the refrigerator. It seems to keep my blood sugar stabilized and keep me from getting hungry during the night. 
on 4/6/09 1:18 pm - NH
I'm a pre-op that has been reasonable successful on my own so far, but I too have nighttime eating issues.  I think this is a great idea, especially since the protein shakes are so filling and satisfying!  I'll try this too!

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Amy Farrah Fowler
on 4/6/09 2:21 pm
Getting adequate protein seems to be a key to losing the weight regardless of surgery type, and probably even for non ops.
I heard other DSers talking about how wonderful they felt when they woke up, if they drank a protein drink right before going to bed, so I tried it, and think it's true.
on 4/6/09 3:14 pm - Northern, CA
Protein is more efficiently absorbed early in the morning, late and night and around exercise (i.e., before and after). So I have a protein shake for breakfast and a protein hot chocolate at night as my evening snack.

It's been working for me so far.

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on 4/6/09 6:51 pm - Willingboro, NJ
I try to get protein in at night but never in the form of a shake.  As a 59 year old man with prostrate problems, the last thing I need prior to bed is to drink anything.  That would ensure a few trips to the bathroom at night.
on 4/6/09 7:18 pm - Marlborough, MA
Hi Needa;

I use a protein shake in the morning around 8 and at night. I often have a protein shake in the afternoon. My doctor said I was losing too fast last July at my six month check up. I was told to increase my protein. I opted to have an evening shake after my supper.

So, you can see I average three protein shakes per day. I make most of my shakes with different combinations of milk or water. I have many brands to choose from as I like to have choice.

I also found that when I needed to grab and go, I can drink a Low Carb Slim Fast for my protein.