Stomach pains - gas & bloat? CT scan ?'s

on 5/20/09 5:18 pm - Huntersville, NC
RNY on 03/05/08 with
I've been having so many problems lately with my belly. I don't know what else to do. I went to my doc last week because I was having alot of pain under my ribcage & around my belly button. When he touched me, I was sent through the room with pain. He did a CT scan that night (which by time they did it, I felt better), and it showed nothing.

The next day I spend with an intense migraine all day long...

So over the next few days I have bouts of migraine pain, stomach pains and intense gas pains. I also realize I'm probably pretty backed up.. and dehydrated. I nearly passed out a couple times that day and I know the symptoms I get all too well. I got some gatorade and chugged all day long. My bp was dropping when I'd stand up so it was definitely a sign.

Anyway.. the other day I decide I need to try on a dress that I'll be wearing in a wedding in Aug. I want to be sure it still fits - I've been losing alot of weight lately. I put my strapless bra on that covers over my belly.. the pain is so intense. I'm so bloated. I figure I've got to be constipated so I take MOM. I knew that I hadn't gone like I normally do, so I figured it was best to do it. Intense pain the entire time after taking it.. nausea, gas, etc. Finally I start going.. and didn't stop going til the middle of the night.. diarrhea really.

The next day.. it's hard to go again. WTF? So I take some stool softener with laxative in it.. I've been able to go and I think I'm somewhat back to normal now, but who knows.

But anyway.. I'm back to having itense gas pains and bloating. What gives?? Anyone have something like this happen?? I'm being cautious of what I eat and avoid the things I know give me gas.

My doc told me he would admit me to the hospital to see if they could figure out what's wrong.. but man I don't want to do that.. especially with a 3 day holiday weekend here.. and I feel like he would suggest doing an exploratory surgery again (he did one last year in Aug & found a few problems.).

Is there anything I can try for the gas? I tae Acidophillus, but my husband says maybe I should stop that.. see if it helps any.

Is there anything I should worry about? I can eat and keep food down. I have had a few bouts of nausea, but only one night did I actually throw up and I think I ate too much.

Also.. I had this CT scan.. just curious.. would an ulcer show up on a CT scan? Would inflammation or kinks, etc show up?

I really just want to go back to feeling normal. I can't take much more of this.

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Lynne R.
on 5/20/09 8:04 pm - Houston, TX

Do you still have your gallbladder? Have they done an ultrasound to look for stones?


on 5/20/09 10:22 pm - Jacksonville Beach, FL
The symptoms you are giveing are very similar to the same ones I had about 3 1/2 weeks ago right before I got admitted and had my gallbladder taken out. If you still have it that could be the problem.

Angie C.
on 5/20/09 11:44 pm - Radcliff, KY
I was having the same kind of pain and I thought that it was because I was backed up so I took a stool softner but only helped alittle bit. So after about a week of feeling crappy and having pain I called my surgeon and they told me to get some GasX or Miralax. The minute I did one strip it was instant relief. I noticed you said your belly was tender I never had that problem they just told me it was gas pockets still in there. I would definately get your gallbladder checked out cuz it sounds like that could be the problem. Hope everything is okay with you!
Jennifer K.
on 5/21/09 12:59 am, edited 5/21/09 12:59 am - Terrell, TX
Sounds like maybe gallbladder issues.  Do you still have yours?  Ask for a sonogram on your gallbladder to check for stones.


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on 5/21/09 3:06 am - Huntersville, NC
RNY on 03/05/08 with
I should have mentioned in that post.. no gallbladder. That came out in August last years surgery.

I took another stool softener last night.. everything but the kitchen sink came out.. TMI sorry! LOL

So far, no major gas pains, but I've not eaten yet. I'm still going to call my doctor. I'll see about getting some Gas-X to see if it helps.

I worry about a hernia or a bowel obstruction - but I've cleaned myself out pretty good.. could I really have a blockage? I also been having pain by my incision - I had my ovary out in that August surgery too.. pain around that incision is similar to what I had in my recovery. I don't know why that would be.

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