Pre-mixed protein shakes

on 5/28/09 12:17 pm
Does anyone have a recommendation for protein shakes that are already pre-mixed?  I want something that I can take to work and i don't want to mix it.  I have ensure and boost but they are both high in carbs.  Any suggestions in lower carb brands?
on 5/28/09 12:21 pm - Fresno, CA
Muscle Milk Light at Costco is on sale right now for a case of 24 it's like $17.00 with a coupon.  It only has 10 carbs and 20 g of protien per drink.  Not bad if you ask me.
Jim H.
on 5/28/09 3:03 pm - Chetek, WI
On May 28, 2009 at 7:21 PM Pacific Time, Bubblishouz wrote:
Muscle Milk Light at Costco is on sale right now for a case of 24 it's like $17.00 with a coupon.  It only has 10 carbs and 20 g of protien per drink.  Not bad if you ask me.
Is this a members coupon?
I looked online and the online price is $29.99 per 24

on 5/28/09 12:32 pm - Gig Harbor, WA
I like the EAS Carb Advantage. They only have 4 flavors and are around $6-$8 for a 4 pack. Like most RTD drinks they taste best very cold.
on 5/28/09 12:39 pm - Dunedin, FL
Hi! I likethe Adkinnd advantage Protein Shakes - they are at all of the groceries that I go to, Mainly Publix because I live in FL. They are low in carbs and taste great - my faves are Strawberry and Mocha, and I'm just now trying the dark chocolate.

I have tried most of the clear protein RTDs, and cannot even come close to tolerating them, inclusing the Isopure Zero Carb bottled drinks. I even tried to freeze them to see fi they would be better as a popsicle - no go.

Good luck to you and if you come across something you liek, please let me know! I'm constantly searching because work is the hardest place to get the protein in.

on 5/28/09 12:47 pm - Summerville, SC
I used the Atkins Advantage. They were good and easy to take with you. I bought mine at Walmart because they had the best price and a lot of times they had bonus packs.

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Melissa F.
on 5/28/09 12:48 pm - newnan, GA
I love the EAS Advantage Carb Control. 17g protein, and low carb (less than 10) and Sugar count. At my local wal-mart, they are 4.97 a 4 pack, and are delish.
Melissa F.


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on 5/28/09 1:01 pm - Peyton, CO
I LIVE for the AcheiveOne Mocha Java (available from Bariatric Eating, iBariatric, and sometimes - but only if your doc allows coffee!!)


on 5/28/09 9:51 pm
Do they have a really strong coffee flavor?
Tomorrow is another day!

on 5/28/09 10:41 pm - Peyton, CO
Not super-strong (not as strong as CLICK, for instance), but still definitely a coffee drink! They now make a plain chocolate and a vanilla flavored drink for those who don't like coffee, but I haven't tried them. Others seem to like them, tho....


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