Food Stamps- Online Stores?

on 11/30/14 11:09 am - Thornton, CO

Does anyone know of any online retailers/stores that take food stamps (EBT card)?  I have a seriously hurt knee and shopping is very difficult.  I know that Schwans does, but they don't really have much in the way of healthy food.  Oh, and please don't flame me...I'm not looking to buy crap, or hear opinions about the food stamp system.  Thanks! H/W: 375, S/W: 300, C/W: 285

on 6/4/09 4:07 am

YOu are on food stamps but are going to come up with $8,000 for surgery???

on 6/4/09 4:11 am - Thornton, CO
Yeah, it's called Medicaid.  I qualify for it because of my diability and income level.  Thanks for being so kind and courteous. H/W: 375, S/W: 300, C/W: 285

on 6/4/09 4:18 am
I'm just sayin'.....
on 6/4/09 4:23 am - Thornton, CO
Just saying what?  As I mentioned to the person below you, I worked for 18 1/2 years paying my taxes just like everyone else.  I got laid off through no fault of my own as well as sustained a significant injury which is preventing me from working.  I qualify because of my disability and income level.  So, for those who are judging me because I'm on Medicaid and food stamps (I don't get TANF- which is welfare cash assistance), the next time you lose a job don't bother applying for unemployment insurance...for that would be hypocritical to your judgement of me. H/W: 375, S/W: 300, C/W: 285

on 6/4/09 5:32 am - Baltimore, MD

You’re just sayin what? That obesity is not a disease? That it should somehow be treated differently than stage 1 cancer or diabetes or all the other diseases covered by Medicaid?


Your prejudice says a lot…including that you are among those who still views obesity as a character defect and WLS as some cosmetic endeavor or luxury. I know I did not do this to look good. I did it to save my life! Raven is doing this to save her life! So are you saying that my life (which is covered by medical insurance) is worth more than hers.

I didn’t think so!

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on 6/4/09 5:39 am
Yes, I stated obesity is not a disease, and that it should be treated differently than stage one cancer, and that it is a luxory, and that your life is worth more than her.  Clearly you quoted me.  NOT!!!!

Again... if you read the rest of the post you will see that....I apologized,  and that I never cut down Medicaid or financial assistance.  I am insupprt of medicare paying for WLS to get people back into the work force. 

 My problem was sitting on $8,000 while on food stamps.  And I stand behind that!  You have a right to disagree, but i have a right to express my opinion without anyone asking for it.
on 6/4/09 5:48 am, edited 6/4/09 5:48 am - Baltimore, MD

I have no words. Obesity is a medical condition. It may be caused by behaviors, but it is a medical condition. Just as lung cancer is a medical condition that can be caused by behaviors. So we shouldn't give chemo to people who smoke and happen to be on Medicaid?

Clearly, she doesn’t have $8,000. And from what little I know about her, she does the best she can. It is my sincere hope that as Americans we believe that people deserve a helping hand, not a reprimanding finger, when times are hard.


And just as you have the right to express your opinion, I have a right to counter it. When I feel like someone is wrong, I say it, which is what I did. And I will keep saying it. Food assistance, cash assistance, medical assistance, WHATEVER is there for people when they need it. I don’t get the point of telling someone they have a resource and then downing them for using it. That’s the part that I’m stuck on. Since you know so much why don’t you educate me on that—if Medicaid will pay for her surgery, why SHOULDN’T she use it? And why are you getting mad at her as opposed to the government who are the ones who made the rule that she could have the surgery on Medicaid? (For the record I don’t think anyone should be mad about that but I’m just saying. Your logic is faulty.)


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on 6/4/09 6:00 am, edited 6/4/09 6:01 am
If medicaid covers it, great, I have no problem with that..I never did.  Education over.

ETA:  You are free to disagree, but If I had $8,000 in the bank and was getting food stamps, then I should not be on food stamps-that is all I was saying.  Tuns out she did not have $8,000 in the bank.  She herself stated if she did, then she would not need food stamps.  That was my point.
Samantha B.
on 6/4/09 4:27 am - welland, Canada

i think she also mentioned do not flame her... this isn't a place to be judgemental or rude that wasn't what she was asking!  Let's show some respect, if you're not going to answer the question and have something constructive to say follow the golden rule:  IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY IT AT ALL!!! 


Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to my 2nd grade students!  

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