Anemia and Iron Allergy

on 6/21/09 12:36 pm
I have found myself between a rock and a hard place.  I had RYGB in December 2006.  I have struggled with anemia since (ferritin <1 and Hb <10).  So far I have had an endometrial ablation to stop any blood loss (hysterectomy is the next step, although my bleeding is not heavy) and tried all sorts of oral iron.  I also tried IV iron -- 2 forms (dextran and sucrose).  I had life threatening reactions to both forms.   I met with a hematologist who had nothing more to offer other than 1 more form of IV iron --  obviously this makes me a little nervous as I reacted so severely to the 1st two forms and she was kind of reluctant to try it as well.  My job requires call duty leading to sleep deprivation on a regular basis.  I am not having trouble working full time but the call is killing me as it takes several days to recover after a call night.  Has anyone dealt with anything like this -- severe anemia with an IV iron allergy/reaction?
on 6/21/09 1:48 pm - lewiston, ID
I had a horrible reaction to the dextran.  theyre now giving me ferrlicit and i havnt had any troubles yet (ive only had 2 infusions so far. 6 more to go) maybe that one will work for you?  I was really scared the first time they did the ferrlicit because of what happend with the dextran.  I thought i was gonna die.  it was wicked scary, but the ferrlicit hasnt given me a reaction
on 6/21/09 3:03 pm - Suffern, NY
many years ago I had terrible iron deficiency and had to have Iron infusions.  I got both Iron Dextran and Iron sucrose and was allergic to both but I had to keep getting them every 6 months because my numbers were so low.  They premedicated me and did it in the hospital and admitted me for 3 -4 days each time.  They were prepared for the reaction and as soon as I started having trouble breathing, I got breathing treatments, IV Steroids and lots of other medications.  Luckily after 5 treatments I didn't need anymore and haven't needed it since.  I had my RNY in October 2008 and I take Pruvate and so far my numbers are very good.  I do see a hematologist every 4 months to make sure things are okay and my other doctors check me in between.  The reaction isn't fun but if I need it again, Iwould get it again. 


on 6/21/09 9:00 pm
I had a reaction to Dextran the FIRST time it was given, and not again, I received it again a few months ago, and it WORKED.

My ferritin has been undetectable, >5 and now 11.5.

If you simply cannot get iron via MOUTH or IV, you will need blood transfusions.
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