Gina M.
on 7/4/09 8:20 am - Spring Creek, NV
I keep seeing different posts that refer to the "foamies" or frothy spit (sorry to be grossly graphic).  I havent had surgery yet, but I already have this syndrome (for lack of a better term).  Many times throughout the day, I get this thick foamy globby white spit that just chokes me.  I absolutely hate it.  Ive had it for about 7 months now.  I went to my doctor and described my symptoms and he wrinkled his nose and said 'GROSS".  He thought that maybe I had allergies and gave me allergy meds...but no luck...I still have the "Foamies".  It is so aweful, I have to spit often like a man would is just sooo not attractive.  At night it seems to get worse...When I lay down to sleep, I have to keep a  kleenex close by so that I can dispose of the nasty stuff.  DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF THIS?
on 7/4/09 9:10 am - Nashua, NH
Go to Walmart and get yourself some papaya ensyme tablets.
They taste pretty good are chewable and they help for foamies as well as a great thing to keep with you in case some food gets stuck.
I get really bad heartburn if I go to bed less than 2 hours after I have eaten dinner so these have been a god send for me. They cost about 3-5 dollars for a good size bottle and I personally won't go anywhere with out them...

Good luck...Laurie
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Gina M.
on 7/4/09 9:30 am - Spring Creek, NV
Thank you...I keep Papaya Enzyme with me always...I have only used it for acid indigestion but never for foamies...I will try that...again...thank you so much
Paul S.
on 7/4/09 11:21 pm - Hillsborough, NJ

Since you are pre-WLS I don't think you have the foamies. Foamies happen when you eat too much or too fast and fill/overfill your pouch. When the pouch fills it gets really uncomfortable and your body starts producing lots of saliva to try to wash everything down. Since the pouch is full, there isn't any place for this saliva to go. Imagine what happens, you spit or regurgiatate it back up. Really unpleasant. Just like dumping, this becomes a good deterrant to eat only what you can stomach (literally). I've have the foamies several times (must eat slow) and they resolved within 30-60 minutes.

Folks suggest the meat tenderizer or papaya enzyme to break down meat that gets stuck in the pouch, I suppose that could lead to foamies too I suppose (chew your food really well).

Hope this helps.

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Gina M.
on 7/5/09 1:24 am - Spring Creek, NV
Thanks Paul, I think your right, I tried the papaya enzyme yesterday and it didnt make any difference.  I dont have a gastric band but the symptoms I am experiencing are JUST like what you describe from overeating.  I know that my symptoms arent from overeating because Ive been practicing my liquid diet getting ready for the big day.  I am  practicing the protein shakes to determine what brands I do and do not like etc.  So like I said, its not overeating.  I sure wish I could figure out what this is caused by.  At times it scares me, I wake up in the middle of the night coughing because that "junk" is stuck in my throat and  chokes me.  I  hope it isnt some sort of congestive heart thing but all my vitals are good, good b/p, good cholesterol.  I read on a holistic health forum that "caratah"  (or phlegm) is caused from inflamation and if left unchecked, the inflammation spreads throughout the body.  Once it gets bad enough to  land in the blood stream, thats when strokes and other medical anomolies occur.  I just wish I could pin down the cause of this and fix it.
Hey Jules
on 7/5/09 4:53 am
 Your symptoms sound a lot like GERD (acid reflux) to me. I had it before my WLS and I would wake up choking from it. Maybe you should try an acid reducer and talk to your dr. about it. On a positive note, it is another comorbidity to qualify you for WLS.

Good luck!

, Jules

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on 7/5/09 5:04 am - Watertown, MA
i am thinking GERD also.  

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Paul S.
on 7/11/09 7:35 am - Hillsborough, NJ
Yes, I used to have GERD - very unpleasant. You reguritate acid during the night which burns your throat and your body reacts by producing tons and tons of spit and phelm. I usually would have a coughing fit for a half hour until this quieted down. The acid burns your wind pipe as well as the esophacus. Often lost my voice for a couple days after one of the coughing fits - your windpipe also wants to close up like asthma. Prilosec can make a world of difference - see you doctor.
The road to success is always under construction.
on 6/4/17 10:03 am

Hello I have thus foamy saliva spit any idea I ear drink I have to spit alot

on 6/30/17 3:40 am

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