Does anyone know where I can buy a seat belt extender locally?

on 7/20/09 4:37 pm
VSG on 07/06/09 with
I found some online stores but I need it in about 3 days so there isn't any time to order. Does anyone know if places like Wal-Mart, Target or some other store sells them? I'm located in Tucson, AZ. Thanks!
Meredith I.
on 7/20/09 4:41 pm - New Bern, NC
Call the dealer for the make of car you'll be riding in.  Hopefully they have them in stock or can tell you where you can get them.  You could also try a local auto parts place.  That's just off the top of my head.  I drive a Toyota and I've never needed one in that.  Other models like Ford I used to need an extender for the seatbelt, but not Toyota. 
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on 7/20/09 4:45 pm
VSG on 07/06/09 with
Thanks Meredith but I'm sorry..I didn't specify airline seat belt extenders :P I will be traveling Friday and it is a little too late to order online.
Meredith I.
on 7/20/09 4:47 pm - New Bern, NC
Oh, okay.  The airline has them.  Just ask for one when you board the plane.  If it would make you feel better, call the airline ahead of time and ask about it.
Meredith  Music Teacher in New Bern, NC (lost 48 lbs PRE-op!!)

on 7/20/09 5:28 pm - Asheboro, NC
I work for American Airlines and we have them onboard all the aircrafts. All you need to do as you board the aircraft is to ask the flight attendant and they will get you one. They use them for the emergency demo and you may have to wait until that is finished but they will be happy to help as soon as they finish. Simple fix!

on 7/20/09 6:12 pm - County Line, MI
The last time I flew which was a few years ago before WLS, I just asked for one on my first flight when I got on the plane, and then kept it in my bag to use for the rest of my flights there and back. Then I just left it in my seat on the plane when I got to our home airport. Saved me the embarassment of having to ask for it on each flight.
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Tammy H.
on 7/20/09 9:56 pm - Greenville, OH
I went straight to my car dealer, and got 2 for my back seats in my jeep...They gave them to me free, saying that its a law in Ohio to be buckled up, so they had to provide proper seat belts...

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on 7/20/09 10:49 pm - Gaithersburg, MD
Another reason to just get it on the plane is that not all extenders are the same. The online catalog I looked at on my last flight showed three different models that vary by airline. It is possible you would need different models for different legs of your flight.

As for keeping the extender for the entire trip, I would advise against that. If everyone did that, then some flights would wind up with extra and others would run out . The other thing is that you don't even know if it will fit the seatbelts on your next leg of the flight (although it should if it is the same airline)
on 7/20/09 11:12 pm - Wyoming County, NY
Ditto on asking the flight attendant as you board.

If you are flying Southwest make sure to check in exactly 24hrs before the fight so you don't get stuck with middle seat.

If you use an extension you cannot sit in an exit row and will be asked to switch seats.  Normally exit rows are the last seats booked and not assigned unless the plane is full.

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(deactivated member)
on 7/20/09 11:25 pm - River Falls, WI

Many years ago when I needed extenders I borrowed one from the airline as I boarded the plane, and didn't give it back for 3 years. When I did return it, it was such a victory. In fact, that day, I sat down comfortably, fastened my seat belt and had to cinch it in many inches. I was overwhelmed. Your day will come when that thing isn't needed. In the meantime, the airlines will help you.  -- Consider boarding early, with those who need extra time or assistance. Then you can ask for it quite unobstrusively.  Safe traveling!


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