Magnesium Citrate: How long before Im potty bound?

on 7/25/09 10:24 am - MO
My surgery is monday and I am suppose to clean myself out by only having fluids today and tomorrow then use magnesium citrate before i go to bed tomorrow.  Only problem is I have to work till 7 pm tommorow and surgery is at 830 am the next day.  How long does this stuff take to work?  Can I take it at work around 5pm and hope I make it home before it kicks in or should I just wait till I get home?
on 7/25/09 10:26 am - New Orleans, LA
 It started working for me in 45 minutes. Boy did it work.
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on 7/25/09 10:38 am - TX
Uh, I would wait till I got home to do the mag citrate stuff.  It worked pretty rapidly on me; maybe 30 minutes or so.  Don't know if it makes a difference but I was on an all liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to the prep stage.  Good luck on your surgery! 
on 7/25/09 10:38 am - Louisville, KY
Do NOT take it at 5:00 while you're at work for another 2 hours!!!!!  It took between 30-45 minutes to work on me and I was in the bathroom multiple times before I went to bed that night.  The next morning I went before going to the hospital and again before my surgery!  I suggest you get some baby wipes to clean yourself because regular TP might leave you a bit sore.
Gina M.
on 7/25/09 11:01 am - Spring Creek, NV
For me it took about 6 hours to kick through
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on 7/25/09 11:53 am - Wyoming County, NY
Gina,  Curious were you on all fluids the few days before or a normal diet?  Six hrs seems long.

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on 7/25/09 3:01 pm - , FL
I read on Gina's page that she said she had to FAST for 7 days...????
on 7/25/09 11:18 am - MO
Thanks for the advice!!!  I am thinking I will wait till I get home.
on 7/25/09 12:28 pm - Gastonia, NC
I have to drink mine on Monday at noon... My surgery is Tuesday morning at 730. Just how discusting is it? That's what I worry about, will I be able to stomach it?

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Carla R.
on 7/25/09 12:35 pm - Millington, TN
It's really not that bad. I had to take it recently and I've tasted alot worse things. Just make sure that it is very cold and you can tolerate it much better.
Good Luck.