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Magnesium Citrate: How long before Im potty bound?

on 7/25/09 5:24 pm - MO
RNY on 07/27/09 with
My surgery is monday and I am suppose to clean myself out by only having fluids today and tomorrow then use magnesium citrate before i go to bed tomorrow.  Only problem is I have to work till 7 pm tommorow and surgery is at 830 am the next day.  How long does this stuff take to work?  Can I take it at work around 5pm and hope I make it home before it kicks in or should I just wait till I get home?
on 7/25/09 5:26 pm - New Orleans, LA
 It started working for me in 45 minutes. Boy did it work.
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on 7/25/09 5:38 pm - TX
RNY on 05/18/09 with
Uh, I would wait till I got home to do the mag citrate stuff.  It worked pretty rapidly on me; maybe 30 minutes or so.  Don't know if it makes a difference but I was on an all liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to the prep stage.  Good luck on your surgery! 
on 7/25/09 5:38 pm - Louisville, KY
Do NOT take it at 5:00 while you're at work for another 2 hours!!!!!  It took between 30-45 minutes to work on me and I was in the bathroom multiple times before I went to bed that night.  The next morning I went before going to the hospital and again before my surgery!  I suggest you get some baby wipes to clean yourself because regular TP might leave you a bit sore.
Gina M.
on 7/25/09 6:01 pm - Spring Creek, NV
For me it took about 6 hours to kick through
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on 7/25/09 6:53 pm - Wyoming County, NY
Gina,  Curious were you on all fluids the few days before or a normal diet?  Six hrs seems long.

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on 7/25/09 10:01 pm - , FL
I read on Gina's page that she said she had to FAST for 7 days...????
on 7/25/09 6:18 pm - MO
RNY on 07/27/09 with
Thanks for the advice!!!  I am thinking I will wait till I get home.
on 7/25/09 7:28 pm - Gastonia, NC
I have to drink mine on Monday at noon... My surgery is Tuesday morning at 730. Just how discusting is it? That's what I worry about, will I be able to stomach it?

Shelly Roo
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Carla R.
on 7/25/09 7:35 pm - Millington, TN
It's really not that bad. I had to take it recently and I've tasted alot worse things. Just make sure that it is very cold and you can tolerate it much better.
Good Luck.
on 7/25/09 10:07 pm - Orlando, FL
It's quite bitter to me but it does works fast. OMG it really works fast.
Ms. Exquisite
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on 7/26/09 6:03 pm - MO
RNY on 07/27/09 with
Pretty disgusting.  I just drank the grape flavored one about an hour ago.  Its like drinking the sweetest saltiest most bitter thing that sort of resembles grape cough syrup.  No results yet except my mouth keeps watering like i am going to vomit and Im green gilled.  Good luck - this stuff is sooooooo gross.
Jackie McGee
on 7/25/09 10:13 pm - PA
Yikes, I'm so glad I didn't have to do this before my surgery!!

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on 7/26/09 1:24 pm
Yikes! That stuff is liquid Satan....good luck.
on 8/23/10 9:07 pm - OR
I was told to take TWO bottles, one each day prior to surgery!! Surgery is the 25th, so I've taken one bottle today... HOW ON EARTH do they think I can do another bottle tomorrow while I'm on a liquid diet!?? I've been living in the bathroom since I drank it!