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How much can you lose with lap band

on 7/26/09 10:16 am - Lanoka Harbor, NJ
I have been having some issues and my surgeon suggested the lap band. I have 200 pounds to lose.  I have lost 50 pounds so far pre op -- how much can you realistically lose with the band??  When I initially met my surgeon 7 months ago I thought I wanted the band and he felt I would not have enough success with the band and suggested the bypass, now that I am ready for bypass he is suggesting the band due to a recent injury.  My question is how much weight have people lost on the band??
Kate -True Brit
on 7/26/09 10:45 am - UK

As much as you want and are prepared to work for. I lost my 109lbs in 15+ months, many have lost more. The joy of the band is that we can always get a fill and keep on losing. But do your research - you do have to work harder yourself with the band.


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on 7/26/09 10:58 am - County Line, MI
DS on 10/19/07 with
200 lbs. is a lot of weight to expect to lose with the band. And if you have any other co-morbidities such as diabetes, the bypasses are usually more successful in resolving these things long term. Weight loss is generally slower with the band and maybe a little more work on your part to be successful, as the other poster said. But Many are very successful with the band. If all you need is restriction because you are a big volume eater, it will help for that. But if your main isse is not just volume restriction, you may want to stick with a bypass. It is your decision.

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(deactivated member)
on 7/26/09 11:01 am
I'm scheduled to do the LapBand in two weeks. At first it was a really tough decision for me because I couldn't choose between the two surgeries. After a lot of research and talking with my doctor, I have found that with the Bypass, the weightloss is more dramatic in the sense that the weight comes off very quickly. Right after surgery your stomach will be very small and will gradually be able to hold more food over time. With the band, however, you start out without any saline in your band and gradually add more until you hit your "sweet spot". (the point when you eat a small amount, feel full for 5-6 hours and can eat again). The biggest factor in my decision is that statistically **after three years the average longterm weight loss for both surgeries is almost exactly the same**. With the bypass the weight comes off more quickly but I chose the LapBand because I feel as though it will give me more responsibility to make gradual, lifelong changes to my habits while still helping me along.  When I saw the statistics at first I was disappointed with the LapBand results so I asked my doctor what is distinct about the people who lose and keep off 75-100% of the excess weight. He said that it was the younger patients and the patients who take advantage of the new opportunities for physical activity. I really believe that the exercise is what makes the difference. 

For concrete examples, my dad (who had the band) is 8 months out and has lost 85 pounds. Since four months out of surgery, he has been steadily losing 2 pounds per week.

My mom, on the other hand, is 9 months out after having bypass and has lost 100 pounds. Her weightloss, however, has stopped and she's struggling to suppress her bad eating habits as it becomes more possible to eat. (while my dad i****ting his prime state for weight loss).

My friend at work is three years out after having the band and is maintaining a weight of 135 at 5'6". She started out at 285. So she has lost 150 and kept it off! Keep in mind, however, that she walks 25 miles per week to get her exercise.

Both surgeries are just a tool. YOU are ultimately the one who will make the weight loss a long-term success.
on 7/26/09 11:11 am
I have heard of people losing 200+ pounds with the band.  Each surgery is different, as I'm sure you have done your research.  before I was banded I wanted to lose 240 pounds.  I was banded in December 2008 and have lost 83 pounds.  I would like to lose another 150 and know I can with my band.  As with any WLS you have to make the commitment and work with it.  I know I could be down more than 83 pounds if I exercised more consistently, that's something I am working on.  I wish you luck!

Kristy K.
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on 7/26/09 11:37 am - An Army Base, XX
I've lost alI most 100 lbs in 18 months and would have LIKELY lost more in LESS time but went off my plan for 6 months.  I weighed in this morning just 2 lbs from GOAL!!


Maria C.
on 7/26/09 12:33 pm - KY

Hi there.  200 pounds is a lot to lose.  Restriction-only surgeries, like the band, tend to be less successful the more weight you have to lose.  Have you researched the duodenal switch?  Many people have surgery without knowing the DS exists as another option. 

Like RnY, DS combines restriction, which allows you to lose the weight, and malabsorption to keep the weight off.  Instead of disconnecting the stomach and creating a pouch, DS simply reduces the size of the stomach to create restriction.  You end up with a fully functional, but smaller stomach.  The second part of the DS is an intestinal bypass which creates malabsorption, and keeps the weight off.  Of all the weight loss surgeries, it has the best statistics for the greatest amount of weight lost and kept off long term.   You may have seen from the boards that weight regain is a huge issue with gastric bypass AND lap band - not so with DS, because we only absorb 20% of the fat we eat, and about 60% of the protein and complex carbs we eat.  We can eat larger meals than lap band and RNY - what amounts to a normal, but smaller, meal.  Finally, for me, it had the most attractive  postop way of life with NO dieting, NO counting fat or calories, NO dumping, NO vomiting, NO foamies, NO stuff getting "stuck" and NO chewing food into mush.  DS has the best resolution of comorbidities like diabetes, sleep apnea, etc.,  An added bonus is that the portion of the stomach that is removed is the portion which produces most of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, so you are less hungry postop. 

The keys to DS are these few, very critically important rules:

1.  You must eat at least 90 grams of protein every day;
2.  You must take your vitamins and supplements every day;
3.  You must drink at least 64 ounces of water every day; and
4.  You must get regular lab work to make sure you are taking enough vitamins.

Most of us watch our carbs during the weight loss phase because we absorb 100% of simple carbs like sugar and it can slow the weight loss.  Most of us also can't go hog wild on carbs after we reach goal, but no food is off limits in moderation, as long as we have no individual intolerance to it.  Many of us get stinky gas when we eat certain carbs, like those with white flour such as bread and pasta.  However, gas is certainly an issue with RnY also.  And our poop smells pretty bad, but whose doesn't? That's pretty much it. Sound too good to be true?  That's what I thought too, but the DS is the best decision I ever made! 

I should caution you that if your surgeon does not perform the DS, as most don't, he/she is likely to give you incorrect information and repeat some myths about the DS to scare you away from it to retain a paying customer.  We've heard story after story after story about the lies perpetuated by the medical community due to their ignorance about DS, or their efforts to keep you from walking out the door.  Check out and for more information, and hang out on the DS forum here on OH to ask any questions you have.  Also be sure to check out the Revisions forum here on OH.  You'll see there lots of folks revising to DS from other surgeries.  There are NO folks revising FROM DS to anything else.  I think that speaks volumes.

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(deactivated member)
on 7/26/09 12:34 pm
It varies.  There is one lady active on the Lap Band board, Bette B. that lost 200 lbs in a year.  I also needed to lose 200 lbs, but almost 2 years out I am only down about 65 lbs.
Bette B.
on 7/26/09 1:23 pm
I did 200 with the band, and did it really fast, too. So - it CAN be done!


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

on 7/26/09 2:13 pm - Maplewood, NJ
RNY on 04/27/09 with
you CAN lose as much weight as you need to regardless of which surgery you have, so long as you make lifelong changes to your eating and exercise habits.  i chose the bypass because i did not want to wait months and months to figure out where my "sweet spot" would be with a band.  i wanted to start my weight loss right away.  but everyone is different.  some people will lose weight regardless of what surgery they have and some people will gain all their weight back.  if you are determined to be a healthy weight, i think you can.
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on 7/26/09 2:41 pm, edited 7/26/09 2:41 pm
You're actually asking two different questions---1) how much CAN you lose, and 2) what is a realistic amount to expect to lose?

You CAN lose 100% of your excess weight. Realistically, the 'average' is around 50%.

But the question that you really NEED to be asking is "What form of WLS will help ME take off and KEEP off the greatest per centage of my excess weight?" In order to answer that question, you need to research 'em all, and take a good, honest look at your personal strengths and weaknesses, and the lifelong eating habits you've formed (and most likely tried to change before, every time you started a new diet).

By the time I chose WLS, I'd figured out that I wasn't ever going to make a big change in my eating habits voluntarily. And I didn't want to be 'punished' for putting the so-called 'wrong thing' in my mouth. So I chose the form of WLS that would repair my metabolism and allow me to eat like normal-sized people generally do.

At 5.5 years post-op, I'm maintaining my lowest ever adult weight, and I'm eating just like all the 'normal' people around me---except I never worry about my cholesterol, blood sugar levels, or count calories.

(deactivated member)
on 7/26/09 2:42 pm - AZ
Revision on 12/06/06 with
On July 26, 2009 at 10:16 AM Pacific Time, LindaS64 wrote:
I have been having some issues and my surgeon suggested the lap band. I have 200 pounds to lose.  I have lost 50 pounds so far pre op -- how much can you realistically lose with the band??  When I initially met my surgeon 7 months ago I thought I wanted the band and he felt I would not have enough success with the band and suggested the bypass, now that I am ready for bypass he is suggesting the band due to a recent injury.  My question is how much weight have people lost on the band??

I lost 132# with the band but it nearly killed me in the meantime so I revised to another procedure.

Statistically speaking higher BMI people will not do well with the band.  It really does a better job for very low BMI people such as 27-32 or so.  If you are an average person you will likely keep half your excess weight off by the end of 5 years.  If you lose half your excess weight I believe with your stats you'll still be obese.  Most of us want to get to goal and lose all the excess pounds.

I think you really need to consider what type of food issues you have.  Quantity?  Grazing?  Food types?  Sugar?

I have been banded, I would not get another and I could never suggest the band for someone with 200# to lose.  I think you would find it is much harder than you think.  I'm not referring to hard work, any of us can pitch in and exercise, etc., I'm referring to the sliming, the stuck episodes, the days and days of liquids because it's too tight, it slipped, something that affects restriction.

If you can handle being on liquids a LOT, a band might work for you but the quality of life isn't typically there for long.

Banding provides the lowest weight loss, the slowest weight loss, and the highest regain.  The long term complications are quite high and very significant.

Research ALL the surgery types and be very honest with yourself of what you can and cannot do.  There is no WLS type that is a perfect fit for everyone.  Don't pay attention to noobs when they tell you how much they love their band, sleeve, bypass, or DS.  Only talk to vets that have had to live with their surgery type long term.  ALL noobs love their surgery type and their surgeon.  Talk to those that have been successful with weight loss and are maintaining.  You'll get a much better balance of opinions.

Elizabeth N.
on 7/26/09 7:30 pm - Burlington County, NJ
The average excess weight loss maintained at five years out with a band is about 50%. For you that would be about a hundred pounds. Do you really want to have a procedure that the statistics say has a high likelihood of leaving still a hundred pounds overweight?

Please look into the DS. It's the best procedure going, especially for people who have very large amounts of weight to lose. I'd like to invite you to look at my profile and to come visit us on the DS board to learn more about it.
Valerie G.
on 7/26/09 7:45 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA
Statistically, sustained loss is around 60% long term.  Many lose more, and many lose less, but that's your average.

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on 7/27/09 7:12 am - MN
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You can lose as much as you want with the band. I know quite a few bandsters that have lost well more than 100 lbs. One guy at my Sunday night support group has lost 190 lbs. He did that in about year and a half (if I'm remembering right). Good luck to you!

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