Did I sTreTch My PoUch!!!!!!

on 7/29/09 4:33 am
I have been a complete failer and i just started my journey.....I had my surgery on July 13th and that makes over two weeks now....I feel like its too easy for me to get all my liquids in.....my protein..im drinking like i never had the surgery. Then heres the big whammy....I ate 3 buffalo wings and two big forks of spinach!!!!!! WTF......is this normal????  Could i have stretch my pouch already??? im so devasated....Please help me get on the right track....the doc gave me this list of what to eat...but  i didnt have the money to buy the beneprotein that it required...i left my boyfriend since he was abusive...and everything went downhill so fast!!!! I wanna cry me a river....i feel so hopeless!!!

on 7/29/09 4:39 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Liquids pretty much run right on through. At two weeks you really should be on soft foods not chicken wings and spinach. The nerves in your pouch are still healing and you really can't tell when it is over full unless you physically bring the food back up. My best advice is take a step back an look at the choices you are making and review your Doc's program.
The only person who can get you on track is YOU. Put on your big girl panties and do what you know you need to do to be successful on this journey.

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on 7/29/09 4:41 am - Columbus, OH
I too could drink liquids right after surgery with no problems.  Please follow the rules of protein first and do not drink when you eat. It may be best to meet with your nutritionist to get back on track. Chicken wings do seem to complex *and fatty* to be eating this soon out but work on choosing lean proteins. I made the mistake on my original surgery of assuming *or denying* that a chicken finger was good for me because it was protein even though it was fried.

You are still early in your program and can make the right changes needed now. Big Lots had some great deals on protein subsitutes because I too know $$ can be a concern but it shouldnt be a deal breaker in your success.

Sarah Jam Eve RNY March 6th 2003 BOB September 14th 2009 
on 7/29/09 5:10 am - Buffalo, NY

Ur new stomach is like an egg. WITH A HOLE AT THE BOTTOM. Liquids will run right through....so will soft things like soups, puddings, jello, hense the term SLIDER FOODS.  You are too early to be eating chicken wings and crap like that. At only two weeks out, you should just be getting to solid protein, depending on the surgeon's plans.

Ur pouch is still healing, your nerve endings have been severed, and still have to re grow. You will NOT be able to tell when you are full right now. That sensation will come later. That is why it is so important to MEASURE out your food, and don't overeat!!!  Start walking/exercising if you have been cleared to, if you haven't yet, and start creating your new habits now!!!  Ur not a failure this early, and just be DETERMINED to NOT FAIL!!! 

U can do this!  and u should be telling urself that U WILL DO THIS!!!  Life can and will get much worse, so prepare for it now by finding other alternatives for dealing, so u don't turn to food. Not only will you sabatoge urself, but you can really hurt urself by eating the wrong thing now. Good luck and be careful.

on 7/29/09 5:14 am - Shelbyville, MI
Okay first stop beating yourself up.
Start over today. Follow your surgeons orders and don't drink fast.
Think of it like this:

You have a "brand new baby pouch" would you give a newborn baby buffalo wings?
Okay now, start sipping, not drinking like a "normal person"...later on you can drink faster, not gulp but drink normal...later on...NOT now.

You are not hopeless. You have been given a tool. Use it wisely. It's a gift. Take care of it and...

More important: Love yourself right now. Smile. You are going to be okay.

P.S. Thank God you left your abusive boyfriend. Now go call your girlfriends for support.
Meredith I.
on 7/29/09 5:15 am - New Bern, NC
As I've heard so many say on the forum, when you're this early out you cannot accurately feel how full your pouch is at this stage because the nerves have to heal, so you HAVE to measure your liquids and food or you could really HURT yourself and not know it until it's too late.  Please be careful.  Step away from the buffalo wings and the spinich!!!!!!!!    Then stop crying, dust yourself off, and start fresh.  Stick to your surgeon's plan.  MEASURE your liquids.  It's good that you can easily tolerate whatever protein you're drinking.  I could too.  Luckily I've had NO problem with anything I've eaten, but I've been careful not to test the waters until I was allowed to eat something.
Meredith  Music Teacher in New Bern, NC (lost 48 lbs PRE-op!!)

on 7/29/09 5:29 am - union, NJ

Thanks so much for sharing this truth.  I am out 41/2 months and have to get back on track myself.  I have joined fitday.com to begin keeping track of my food. Like others have said, we are still newbies and can begin again.  Good luck in your journey. 

I pray to always remember newbies
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on 7/29/09 5:37 am
u have not stretched ur pouch but u could if u keep this up...i am all about honesty so just do the right  thing and u will b fine.  i cant believe u ate chicken wings and spinach this far out..only 2 weeks.  i was still on liquids at this stage.  do u not have a nutritonist that u can talk to?im just wondering if you went off the diet stage on ur own or did u really get the ok from ur doctor to eat chicken wings? anyway u can do it..just go back to liquids and start all over.  liquids will not make u full..its wen ur on real food wen u will notice that ur pouch is working..good luck u will b fine
on 7/29/09 6:48 am - Placerville, CA
In about two weeks, I will be 6 years out.

You can definitely stretch your pouch and it will stretch eventually... that's normal.  It should stretch enough to eat a half a sandwich and piece of fruit... or a reasonable size meal.  If you aren't careful, you could overstretch it by consistently eating until you feel really full.  If you feel full or stuffed, you ate too much.  You should walk away feeling not hungry.. not like you just had Thanksgiving dinner.

Eventually, you can also build up a tolerance to eat junk food... wings are junk food.  They are very high in fat.  At this stage, you really need to reteach yourself nutrition and focus on changing your eating habits... it's not just about portion control.  I can eat just about everything that will cause dumping in the beginning.  Sugar no longer makes me sick... but that does not mean it's okay to eat it.  It's very possible to gain the weight back if you aren't careful & change your eating habits.  The weight will come back and it's harder to get rid of again... use the tool you have been given and take the time to eliminate unhealthy food from your diet and the best advice I can give is to stay away from it... cold turkey.

We all over eat for our own reasons... addiction to food, comfort us, deal with stress, etc. and if we don't deal with it and find new ways to deal with the underlying problem... then we will never be able to have 'just one' cookie.  At least that is how I ended up needing the surgery to begin with... I kept saying, this is the last time I'll eat this junk... or I'll start exercising next week.  Get into the habits now and never look back if you want success with this surgery.
on 7/29/09 6:52 am
RNY on 03/04/09 with
Congratulations on taking a positive stand in your relationship.

You are not a failure.  Start taking  a positive stand in your weight loss journey today.  YOUR ARE WORTH IT.  PUT YOURSELF 1ST.  As others have said, your nerve endings are dulled, so you may not be able to tell if you are full--I could not right away.  Follow your NUTs guidelines.  Talk to her about the cost of the protein shake.  Maybe she will have some alternatives for you.  At this stage, your food will go a long way so the cost is down. 

Keep coming to this website and keep asking for encouragement when you need it.  Good luck on your journey.

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