Gastric Bypass and the military

on 8/2/09 12:39 pm
Years ago I tried to join the military only to be turned away because I was over their limit, but not by much.  Well, after ballooning to almost 300 pounds, I had gastric bypass and lost enough to make their standards.  Has anyone joined the military since having GB?  I have read some things that it excludes you from being able to join.  Thanks for any input.
on 8/2/09 12:42 pm
I could be wrong, but I believe that if youve had the gastric bypass surgery, you are ineligible to enlist into the military.  i did 8 years, i have the realize band and i asked my recuriter friend who said gastric bypass makes you un eligible to enlist, but he wasnt sure about the banding, like i had.  call a local recruiter, it cant hurt to many recruiters and see what kind of answers you get....let me know, i commend you for trying to get in shape to serve our country, i gained all my weight back after basic training, and i got up to 305lbs....after the band, im now down to 280lbs.....good luck!!!
on 8/2/09 12:43 pm
My hubby is military and there was someone here who tried to get in and they turned her down because of the surgery.  Well i asked my hubby and he said the Marines and Army will not take you for health reason so to speak and the "special" diet needs that they cannot meet.  He said to tell the other person to try  the Airforce or Navy maybe even the coast guard. I would suggest finding a recruiters office and talk to them about it they will have the best answers.
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on 8/2/09 1:24 pm - Horn Lake, MS
Good question because I was wondering the same thing. I always wanted to join the air forces......
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on 8/2/09 1:30 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Several people have posted on the board about being disqualified because of having WLS. Basically the military can't guarantee your nutritional requirements in a combat situation.
And from what Hubby has told me about being deployed, it would be really hard to be there an compliant.

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on 8/2/09 1:46 pm - Fayetteville, NC
 As an army wife ... I have a fellow army wife who wants to enlist to serve with her husband and she is scheduled to have GB so that she can loose weight to meet the weight requirements.  Well she was told that the army has rules in place to disqualify you if you have had WLS.  Such is life.
on 8/2/09 1:53 pm
I can tell you that they will not take you.  They do not want the liability of a problem should one arise. Also special needs for us such as certain foods we need and also foods we cannot have so I know they will not make any exceptions. Sorry.
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