Best / Worst Tasting protein shakes?

on 8/22/09 5:25 pm - TX

I would love to hear everyones opinions on the best and worst tasting protein shakes?

I'm trying to increase my protein and although I LOVE my meat I just cant eat enough yet to get all 80- 100 g that i need in that way yet.

So far I cant say that I love any of them but I can tolerate Champion Banana scream.. and although I do love chocolate.. I didnt care for the champion chocolate.. tasted bitter to me.
I tried a peach shake  and it was pretty nasty.. I tried champion tropical sunrise and it was tolerable.
I tried some of the nectar ones and took one sip and threw them away.. ahhhh. I need help.

It makes it more difficult that since surgery I have more discerning taste and  If its not REALLY good I just cant eat it without vomitting.

What shakes do yall like or dislike?


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on 8/22/09 5:57 pm
I have been using the Atkins one, it's not too bad, especially the strawberry.
on 8/22/09 6:01 pm - montalba, TX
I have found some really good ones that I enjoy.     Whey Gormet has a wonderful one called Radical Raspberry Smoothie.    Isopures Natural Vanilla is good in a lot of stuff and has 50gms of protien.    Also the Matrix Perfect Chocolate is great.   I got mine on but you can also go to and find some good stuff.    Hope this helps.   Tina
on 8/22/09 6:03 pm - montalba, TX
Forgot to mention that you can add sugar free syrups to the protien shakes and give them different flavors.    You can also add fruit which makes it nice.  Tina
Bette B.
on 8/22/09 6:22 pm
My favorite is always the homemade variety, since I can tailor it the way I want it.

The ones I tolerate in cans are Atkins dark chocolate royale (something like that) and anything in a banana flavor.

Muscle Milk Lite (I've tried vanilla and chocolate) are putrid to me, as are Slimfast. I thought Isopure was pretty gross as well.


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on 8/22/09 6:37 pm
 i like the atkins chocolate mocha latte and i don't mind the isopure drinks.  i like grape and pineapple/orange/banana.  not too sweet. kinda tastes like cool aid.

i've done a few of the protein shots.  they have 45 grams of protein each.  they don't taste great-kinda tart, but if you need to get your protein in they will work in a pinch.

i've also begun to add unflavored protein powder to my soups and i can't even tell a difference. 
on 8/22/09 6:42 pm - Maple Grove, MN
RNY on 04/10/09 with
This one is really a personal preference.. I have so many jugs of stuff I hate because someone told me they liked it.   Your best bet is ordering some samples... you already know a few you don't like, so don't order those.

Since you asked.. 

Ones I like
Nectar Latte Cappuccino (Vitamin Shoppe)
Nectar Sweet Chocolate Truffle (Vitamin Shoppe)
Body Fortress Chocoalte, Strawberry or  Cookies & Cream (From Walmart)
Zero Carb Isopure Banana/Pineapple/Orange powder (Vitamin Shoppe)
Matrix Vanilla (I rarely use plain vanilla but this one is ok)
True Protein Unflavored (I really can't taste it and it mixed in hot liquid like coffee)
True Protein Orange Creamsicle, Chocolate Coconut, Banana Bash
Dymatize Elite Cafe Mocha
Unjury Chicken Soup
HealthSmart Hot Drink mixes from
Pro-to-go drinks from
Oh Yeah RTD's
AMP RTD's from GNC

Ones I dislike:
Nectar - any of the fruity flavors
Any of the Isopure pre-mixed in the glass bottles
Any of the PVM Whey Gourmet stuff
Any of the pre-made bullets
Unjury (except chicken soup) 

Can you tell I order a lot of samples? LOL
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on 8/22/09 7:13 pm
My personal favorite is WheyUp ( = particularly like the grape flavor.  They're a start-up company, so not too well known.  I drank it every day I went to the gym pre-op, but my surgeon is balking at me continuing to drink it, as he doesn't like the calorie count.  IMO, it's less than the standard protein shake, so I'll need to talk to him about it again.  Check with your surgeon first before trying anything new that isn't already approved.

Here are the details for WheyUp:
16 oz - 90 calories - 20g protein - 135mg Sodium - 1g carb - 160% RDA of Vitamin B12 and 500% RDA of Vitamin B6

Good luck!
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on 8/22/09 7:27 pm
My favorite is Premier brand available at Costco with 30g of protein.  I love these and have 2 of them a day.  The flavor is chocolate.  WOrldwide brand available at trader joes is also good.
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on 8/22/09 7:40 pm - Grand Rapids, MI
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I am a protein powder junkie, so here are links to the brands that I use and like.

I only use Whey Isolate, because it has the best bio-availability.

Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Protein Stack:  Chocolate / Vanilla / Banana Scream / Cocoa-Mochaccino

IDS Multi-Pro Whey Isolate Blend:  Belgian Chocolate / Vanilla-Cinnamon / Cappuccinno

Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate:  Caribbean Cooler / Roadside Lemonade / Fuzzy Navel / Twisted Cherry

Another that I like, but allstarhealth doesn't carry:

Unjury:  Chicken Soup / Unflavored

If you like coffee, try this one (coffee / chocolate combination):


You also need to experiment with what you mix the powders with.  As a DSer, you should be using half & half w/ water for any of the creamy types, warm or cold.  Water only, with lots of ice, for the Nectars.  Use s/f coffee syrups to add some variety to what you are tasting.

Get a shaker bottle from GNC, they are the best.  A powered stir stick from Williams-Sonoma is one of my all time favorite gagets --- no foamie stuff like you get with a blender, and it works great for mixing the warm drinks  (I drink warm hot chocolate protein powder almost every morning).

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RNY on 02/20/09 with
Hi Ami,
  I personally love Nectar Sweets Chocolate Truffle.  I use two scoops and it is pretty good.  I also bought some German Chocolate Cake SF syrup from Vitalady and add that every once in awhile for a change of pace.  It doesn't add any calories, but does add some pretty good flavor.


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on 8/23/09 3:55 pm
Hi , where i can buy the SF syrups??? do they change flavor if the protein shake is not unflavored????
on 8/23/09 5:14 pm
RNY on 02/20/09 with

Hi Julittlegirl:

  You can order them from vitalady  They should the flavor of anything.  You can put it on anything.  Like sugarfree icecream, puddings, cream of wheat.  She has lots of syrups to choose from too. 


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on 8/22/09 8:33 pm - Randolph, NJ
Even though I love chocolate almost as much as I love coffee, I didn't really care for the Click. But I love the Unjury chocolate.

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on 8/22/09 8:52 pm - Piscataway, NJ
RNY on 06/22/09 with
 I too have bounced around different proteins, and have started a small cache I keep on the top of my fridge that I'll revisit in the future once I can (and if I can) handle them again.  Right now, I'm 
able to drink these ready-to-drink brands:  Myoplex Chocolate (lite?) @25 grams and Worldwide Protein Chocolate @35 grams. I had to stop on the Worldwide vanilla.  At first it was okay, but after a few cans of it, I have to choke it down on some days.  I'm officially two months out today...and last I saw my doc, 50 grams was enough for me, so it's good to know I'm getting at least 60 plus whatever I'm eating!
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on 8/23/09 3:13 am - IN
Vanilla Body Fortress from Wal_mart is good when blended with frozen fruit.I have frozen SF chocolate milk too and made a chocolate shake.It is the only one i can tolerate.
on 8/23/09 8:14 am - CA
without my shakes theres no way i could reach my protein goal. i tried so many nasty shakes but found the one and only that i love at costco. its premier nutrition protein. it comes in a case of 18, 11 oz shakes for about $25. 30 g of protein, 3g total fat, 5g total carbs, 3g dietary fiber, 1g sugar, 160 calories. im not sure if they have other flavors but my costco only has chocolate. i have seen online this name brand makes protein bars too

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RNY on 04/10/09 with
You cn find sugar-free syrups locally too -- even Walmart and Target carry a few of the basic flavors.   Starbucks sells some of their sugar-free syrups too - love the hazelnut and cinnamon dolce.    Itf you can find them local, its a lot better than paying shipping on glass bottles -- but you'll probably have to order online the specialty flavors if you want those.

Another thing you can put in shakes to change the flavor is sugar-free pudding and jello mix.  I often put sf banana pudding mix in my chocolate shakes --- or add a little sf cherry jello mix to a strawberry shake.
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