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too much crystal light ??

on 8/28/09 8:03 am - VICTORVILLE, CA
Hi everybody

just wondering if Crystal light is bad for you too drink all day long?

I am also wondering if it could have played a part in my UTI? since I  dont drink any other "liquids" just crystal light all day everyday..



on 8/28/09 8:20 am
I had to be very careful with it pre-op, as it acted as a major cleansing out product for me.

I don't even have it now since I just had surgery, because the acid in it won't help with the healing process and could cause ulcers.  Once I am fully healed, I may try it again, but I will mix it light or trade 1 -1 -  1 glass of water then 1 crystal light drink.

It is yummy stuff.

Good luck.
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on 8/28/09 8:25 am
UTI are infections, and often come about from not drinking enough fluids to flush out your system to help prevent one, is caused by bacteria entering the tract from bowel or sexual contact, or holding onto your pee for too long and it "cooks" in there. Diabetics often get UTI's too. Lack of antibodies to fight off infection.

I drink 95% of my fluids from Crystal light, and not one UTI in years.
Nissa W.
on 8/28/09 8:29 am - Cloquet, MN
I used to only drink or eat foods that contained splenda or stevia but now after wls I am finding it is more difficult to stick to the few that are offered. Meaning I am consuming more nutra sweet, etc. products.

Here are a couple links to check out.

Hope this helps answer your question but again, we are limited on what we can find available.

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on 8/28/09 8:51 am - Bradford, PA
I'm starting to get sick of Crystal Light.  Almost too sweet for me.  I have about 20 boxes (all different flavors) of those little ole packets.  UGH.  I'm thinking about adding them into some of my protein drinks.  We'll see how that goes.

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on 8/28/09 8:59 am
RNY on 06/04/09 with
Crystal light does contain an artificial sweetner, and those have been known to be bladder irritants.  So it is possible that it could have irritated your bladder to the point of an infection.  It is rare, but possible. 
Thanks for reading!

on 8/28/09 9:05 am - Powell, OH
You also need to be watchful of the citric acid in Crystal Light.  It can wear away the enamel on your teeth and make you prone to more cavities.  I hadn't had cavities in years and last year I had 5 at once.   YIKES!  After reviewing my diet and drinking habits, we narrowed it down to excessive citric acid from drinks like Crystal Light and Orange Diet soda.

I have cut way back on it, but I still use it when I get tired of plain old water.
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on 8/28/09 9:22 am - Menomonee Falls, WI

When our bodies need calcium it goes from our bones into our blood which is why they do bone scans.  Our calcium levels in our blood can be fine but it comes out of our bones.  Could it go from our teeth into our blood?  Have you had a bone scan?  Just a thought.  good luck Daisy

on 8/28/09 9:05 am - Maplewood, NJ
RNY on 04/27/09 with

it's safe for you to drink crystal light-- all day every day unless you have a sensitivity to something that is in it.  i wouldn't pay too much attention to the claims that nutra sweet is "poison" or anything like that.  people are sensitive to many different kinds of food products.

UTIs can be caused by a lot of factors-- unfortunately if your bladder is sensitive to something in crystal light then you could get one from it.  it's hard to say.

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on 8/28/09 9:10 am
i drink crystal light (or store brand) all day everyday everyday and i have for over a year now....i drink probably 70-100 oz of it a day easy!
no UTI or cavities or any issues from it at all

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on 8/28/09 9:28 am - Menomonee Falls, WI
I drink a pitcher of it everyday for 3 years now.  I have not had a problem.  I always tell myself to drink water but honestly it is Chrystal light and coffee for me.  I am not saying it is good but it is what it is.  Most women get UTIs ...just the way it goes.   Best hygiene helps but our urethras are shorter than men's.  They have their prostate issues they have to deal with.....  Daisy
on 8/28/09 11:08 am - VICTORVILLE, CA
WOW!!! THANKS for all the info everyone!! you guys are awsome. So what Im gathering is its ok to drink the stuff..which is good because I love it....
thankyou everybody!
I cant believe how many responses I got! lol TOO COOL! I LOVE OH!!


on 8/28/09 11:46 am - Minneapolis, MN
RNY on 10/05/09 with
I know that anything besides water in excess can be a problem.  I too drink these lovely low and no calorie beverages.  For me, occasionally it causes me to have a UTI, but I'm good at catching them with lots of water and cranberry supplementation and they don't usually get worse.

I have just realized that my higher than normal blood sugar lately is more than likely due to  my addiction.  I was making tea in a 64 ounce container, then I would put in 2 single serving pouches of raspberry drink and it was my water for the entire day, so if I added any more water only at the gym or during the day it was a bonus!  I thought it was crazy for a sugar free drink to be causing elevated numbers, but when I cut them out yesterday, I wake up and I'm normal again!  Boo hoo.

So, anyway, my suggestion would be to make sure it's watered down quite a bit and then you still get a hint of flavor but your getting a more diluted version so your bladder and kidney's are happy.  I usually do a single serving pouch (for 16.9 oz water) in a 32 oz glass.  So, it's more the taste of Life Water Brand of flavored water instead of juice.

Good Luck!
Love & Belief,  LeJoy R.

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on 8/28/09 9:03 pm - Suffern, NY
About 3 months out I found the powdered Sugar Free Snapple Fruit Punch that you put in a bottle of water.  Well, I loved it and drank them all day long.  It was great, I was drinking about 5 bottles a day and got tons of fluids a day.  My NUT was really happy with my fluid intake until my weightloss stopped - I even gained a few pounds.  We tried to figure out what was happening and she said to stop the Diet Snapple because some people are very sensitive to artificial sweetners, it can actually make you gain weight - it tricks your brain into thinking your actually drinking sugar.  So, I stopped it and sure enough, the weight poored off again.  A few weeks ago, I was currious and drank a few bottles and bam, weight gain.  So, I have never drank them again.  No artificial sweetners for me if I can help it and if I do, the weight loss slows down or I do gain weight.  So, be careful with all that crystal light.