At what weight will I fit on a roller coaster??? HELP!

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I am down to 285 from 369 now and I am five six.  Does anyone know what is the typical weight that someone has to be to fit into a roller coaster?  I haven't been on one in years..........because of my weight.  I have a chance to go to Six Flags this weekend, and I don't want to get turned away from a ride.

Anyone that had gone lately, did you fit comfortably?  Please let me know.  THANKS!


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on 8/31/09 12:18 pm
i went to six flags about a month that time i was about 275 280 and i fit on all of the rides..not one problem at all.. and i am 5.7'....but im sure you will be just fine!!!  enjoy!!!
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At the weight I am now I would never fit on a roller coaster, but when I was around 250-260, I fit on them fine, but I am also 5'11".

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It all depends on where the wieght is on your body.  Also, different rides are made differently.   I was about 250 and couldn't fit on some roller coasters, but I could fit on some others when I was 280.  Look for someone about your build and see if they fit.  Also, the ones with lap bars tend to be less snug than the ones that come down over your head and shoulders.  Have fun.  I'm sure there are many that you can fit into.
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Im 5'8 and at my heaviest wt 266, I was able to ride all the rides. Alot has to do with your shape, if your real "top heavy" some of the rides with the sholder bars, are a lil harder to get latched, but usually someone who works there can pu**** closed for you.

have fun!! I love six flags
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Much of it has to do with the girth of your midsection, and if it is one of those roller coast seats that have a padded metal U-shaped piece that drops down over your head and abdomen, your chest girth may be a factor to.

You can call Six Flags and ask them, and I advise you to do so to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. When I was at 300# and 5'9" I did not fit in such rides and my weight is pretty well distributed.

Just my experience.  I hope you have fun. And it will just get more fun as you continue to lose weight.  Roller coasters are the best--the faster, higher, steeper, scarier the better.  Hmm...only my son-in-law will ride on those with me, but my grandson is chomping at the bit to get tall enough, so I'll have other compatriats.


on 8/31/09 11:48 pm
I'm 5" 7" and 250 when I went over the summer I "fit" in all the rides but the older wooden ones where really tight (I'm bigger in the hips) I find the newer rides allow for bigger people. Hope you have fun :o)

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I'm 5'7" and last month when I went to Darien Lake (formerly 6 flags) I fit on the mind eraser.  I did not try the other coasters, too afraid of the embarrassment I felt last year when I didn't fit on the mind eraser.  Someone told me that I could have easily fit, but I was too afraid to try.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone.  I am going to have to try out that Superman for sure!  I can not wait till next summer when I kow for sure I will be able to fit.  I am going to be like a kid all over again.  Six Flags in right in my city.  I am thinking SEASON PASS!  Who knows, maybe I will feel okay at Hurricane Harbour, the Six Flags water park. 

Thaks again!

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