Is it true after surgery I will feel cold all the time?

on 9/27/09 10:59 am - Canada

Hi All,

I'm asking those that have had the gastric bypass surgery a few years ago.
Do you feel cold all the time? I heard that I will feel cold all the time, is this true?

Also, I heard I will experience hair loss, any idea how long before that stops?

on 9/27/09 11:10 am
Don't know about anyone else, but i tend to get cold very easily now that I've lost over 100 lbs...I never used to be cold at all, rarely wore anything other than a light jacket even in the middle of winter...but this year is very different.  I even wear a cardigan sweater at work now...amazing indeed!!  I have lost some of my hair but got it cut short and to me it's well worth losing some hair to have lost the weight I have and being able to breathe easier.  I even crossed my legs yesterday...WHOO-HOO!!!  Good luck to you!!!
on 9/27/09 11:13 am - Canada
Thank you MissMarie.

Did your hair grow back or is it still thin?
Congrats on crossing your legs.
How long ago did you have your surgery?
Leann K.
on 9/27/09 11:12 am - Lytle, TX
Yes to both.    I live in TX and we have had more than 60 100+ degree days and I still carry sweater every where I go.
As for hair loss I went through a  period where I lost a lot of hair.  I was never close to being bald but I also have very thick hair.  My only problem I really had was the new hair that came back in.  It stood straight up.  I still have a section in the front that I have trouble getting to lay down.
To me these are small prices to pay.  I would still do it all over again.



on 9/27/09 11:16 am - Canada
Thank you for your reply.
I'm sure it is a small price to pay.
I'm having surgery on Oct 8th and still learning as much as I can.
What else did you experience?
Also, How long ago did you have your surgery?

on 9/27/09 11:33 am - Helena, MT
For most folks, their surgery type and date is right below their avatar/pic.  I, too, am cold all the time.  I have re-discovered my slippers.  I wear an enormous cardigan at work, and have started a little collection of cardigans to go with varous outfits.  I am a little over four months out, and have just started to lose some hair.  Mine is also very thick, so I doubt it will make much difference, but I'm not looking forward to dealing with all those baby hairs.  (I've never heard anyone say that their hair loss was permanent.  It's more a matter of new hairs pushing out the old ones, due to the shock of anesthesia and rapid weight loss.  If you want to know more, google telogenic effluvium.)  I have long blonde hair all over the place right now.

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on 9/27/09 11:38 am - Canada
Will google it for sure.
on 9/27/09 11:37 am
I had RYN the first week of hair is still thinning but thank goodness I had a very thick head of hair to begin  with.  haha  You asked what else we've experienced...after surgery I experienced some depression and mourning for food.  But once the weight started coming off regularly the depression went away and was replaced with energy and excitement about the new journey I was beginning.  I never used to like compliments and now I love when people tell me how good I'm looking and I'm excited to tell my co workers how much I've lost when we get to work on Monday mornings (I only weigh myself on weekends).  It's a wonderful adventure and I wish you all the luck in the world!!!  If you ever have any questions or want to talk, please feel free to send me a message, I will answer within a day or two.  Have a great week!!!
on 9/27/09 11:44 am - Canada
Thank you for your kind words.
I am looking forward to the surgery but scared at the same time.

I will call upon you for sure.

on 9/27/09 11:46 am
 Hi, i had surgery Jan 9th right in the deep of winter, At first i didn't get cold, then about 3-4 months out it was like someone turned on the AC and it was blowing hard at me.. I could not get warm for the life of me.. But came in handy this summer, i didn't burn up like everyone else, i'm the only strange one that needs a light sweater while outside at night..
We just moved to Okinawa Japan about amonth ago, every one told me oh its gonna be so HOT when you get there. I sit in my house today with no AC on and windows open and its like almost 88 degrees out side and i have chill bumps on my arms. Its not that bad, to be a bit colder. 
My hair did fall out but not as much as others, i go through phases i guess, one month i won't loose any but see growth, this month i'm loosing hand fulls, but still have Thick hair.. 
I was told to cut it short, so i had my hair cut in a cute bob, or what was trending called the POB, i went from blonde to dark brown.Blonde is where i like to be but with it being brown it looked thicker and i didn't have to touch up as much. Blonde can really damage baby hair that is growing in. My hair is now more wavy then before... And grows so slow it seems.. so hair cuts about every two months for me lol.. 
Don't worry to much about the hair loss, it is so worth it in the end.. 
Take care