Sugar Free & Fat Free or Low Fat Coffee Creamer

on 9/28/09 7:06 am - Antioch, TN
Okay coffee lovers, let me first set the record straight. I am not a coffee lover, I enjoy the taste of coffee with my cream/sugar or Splenda nowadays.

I want to enjoy my decaf coffee without all the calories, carbs & fat. Is there a low fat/no sugar/ low calorie coffee creamer out there? 

Please don't mention CLICK. I'm just two weeks post op and I became aCLICKTED to it as a preop. I am waiting to get to the point where I can have some again.  I have a new can awaiting. LOL.

FYI: I am on 5 carbs per meal restriction until I reach maintenance.

Thanks for your help!

on 9/28/09 8:39 am, edited 9/28/09 8:39 am - northeast, TX
NJoy creamer has 10 cals and 1 carbs per teaspoon....and that's ALL it has in it.    I buy it by the case at Sam's.       I also like to use protein in my coffee as a creamer.....especially like vanilla OhYeah and WorldWide Protein cookies and cream...makes a nice drink. 
on 9/28/09 10:39 am - Escondido, CA
I use sugar free vanilla creamer and have since two weeks post problems at all.    check it out it's free and all over the US
on 9/28/09 10:44 am - Nashua, NH
I use the Atkins High Protein Shakes for my coffee. They come in great flavors and for the 2 cups of coffee I have in the morning I also get 15 grams protein too.

I get them at Walmart,give them a try because they are very low carb and tasty....Laurie
Laurie in NH     Expect the Best !  You will receive the Best....
on 9/28/09 12:08 pm - Solon, OH
Mini moos.  You can buy them at Sam's Club.
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