Question about Lactose-Free Milk

on 10/5/09 9:33 pm - Jamestown, ND
I recently switched to the lactose-free milk because of nausea and gassiness from regular milk.  Is it just me or does the lactose free have an off odor, almost like it's going to go sour?  I've tried 2 brands and both have that faint odor.  Neither one was even close to the due date.  I'm really sensitive to the smell of milk that's turning, I guess because I was never a milk drinker prior to surgery.  Is it just me?

on 10/5/09 9:54 pm - Maplewood, NJ
RNY on 04/27/09 with
i don't drink milk as a beverage but when i used to eat cereal i would put it in cereal or i use it on coffee or sometimes i put it in my protein shake instead of water.  i always preferred the lactose free mlik-- i get the fat free kind and i find it doesn't have that gross thickness of regular milk.  i don't notice it going sour but i only buy quarts of milk so it doesn't get anywhere near the date.  i am always afraid it is going to smell like cheese. 
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on 10/5/09 10:12 pm - County Line, MI
I use the lactose free milk and have never noticed that, but I don't drink it plain. Only use it on cereal occasionally or for cooking/baking. I don't drink shakes of any kind. I have used Lactaid, Country Fresh Free and Meijer brand and notice no difference. I only use the fat free because I have always preferred skim milk as I don't like the creaminess of the higher fat milks.

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on 10/5/09 11:52 pm - Champlin, MN
I just purchased some lactose-free milk last night for the first time and hated it. I didn't recall an odor however, it was way to sweet tasting. I got about 2 glugs down and dumped the rest. I have been craving milk so bad lately and regular milk wreaks havoc on me. I wonder if the lactose pills are ok to take?

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on 10/6/09 2:36 pm - Suffern, NY
Definetly use the lactaid pills.  Just swallow either 1 or 2 pills depending on how sensitive you are to lactose.  It gives you the enzyme you are missing to digest milk.  I used the pills for 2 years and now I am not lactose intolerant anymore.  I can have any kind of dairy I want now.  My gastro doctor told me that it happens that way for some people.  I still use the lactaid milk just because it doesn't spoil for so long and don't use enough of it to buy the regular stuff but I eat yogurt, cheese, ice cream (sugar free), whey protein.


on 10/6/09 12:03 am - northeast, TX
Have you tried the soy milk? We like it better than regular milk. 
on 10/6/09 1:24 am
I like the lactose free milk.  I haven't noticed a bad smell, but it does smell sweet and tastes sweeter too...maybe that's what you smell? 
on 10/6/09 2:56 am - Jamestown, ND
Must be just me with the smell.  I am thinking about trying the lactaid tablets and using regular skim milk.  I'll see.  My NUT said not to use soy as the protein isn't absorbed as well as whey.   Thanks all for your comments!

on 1/28/11 12:20 am
Yes I detect a foul smell and the milk I bought was not close to the due date at all. Thanks for sharing. It must be the way it smells, I feel better knowing that someone else had that same experience.
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