Too Hot or Too Cold

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on 10/13/09 1:42 am - WA
RNY on 10/19/07 with
I am curious if anyone has the same problem of being either too hot or too cold after surgery.  My surgery was 2 yrs ago and most recently I just can't get comfortable most of the time.  I am way too hot so i"ll take off my jacket and then I am too cold. husband is irritated with me messing with the thermostat.  Everyone keeps telling me I am too cold because I don't have any body fat left on me......but how does it explain being too hot....
on 10/13/09 1:49 am - TX
Just a guess but I'd say hormones play a big factor in our body temp because of the weight loss.  We girls often get out of whack from obesity (excess estrogen stored in our fat cells), it seems only logical the reverse can happen with the weight loss.  You may need hormone therapy.  Discuss with both your PCP and your GYN.
on 10/13/09 1:53 am - Chatham, Canada
I dont have the being too hot problem, but I am always SUPER COLD, my iron is low, and that doesnt help especially hands and feet, but im sure with 131lbs less fat it has something to do with it.  Makes me wonder how ppl that have always been thin cope with the cold weather.

on 10/13/09 1:56 am
OH, I can say, after my hystorectomy I was hot all the time.  Ran around the house naked as a jay bird.  DAMN the curse of menopause. I had this WLS and my nose is cold and I can never get warm.  However, if I got hot and started sweating it  was a nightmare too.  My face would and still is breaking out, I believe due to my not drinking enough water.  I agree, to cold or too hot.  And just  for someone saying you dont have anymore body fat? HOW RUDE! 
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on 10/13/09 2:03 am - WA
RNY on 10/19/07 with
I am only 31 yrs old so I know its likely not menopause.  I was 270 and lost 140, so I am aware I am alot thinner.  Most people are saying I am way too skinny.  However I have tried everything to put on a little bit more weight but nothing works.  Oh well.....other than the excess skin I am happy with my weight.  I have a feeling too its hormones.  I would describe the depression, lack of libido, and many other things.  Thanks all for the advice.
on 10/13/09 2:55 am - TX
Just an additional note, I didn't think it was likely either but I was in menopause at age 32.  Right after the birth of my 2nd son actually is when I knew things were off (very few periods).  I thought then I just had 'messed up hormones' and suffered with the depression, hot flashes, etc. for 3 long years before I ended up sobbing and hysterical in my GYN's office begging him to find out what the hell was wrong with me.  I was affected with very irrational feelings and was convinced I had cancer because my mother had had cancer and none of my fears were founded on any research of any kind.  LOL.  Fortunately for me they had come up with a simple blood test to determine whether you are in menopause or not.  My results showed I was 80% through the change already.  No wonder I felt like I was going crazy!  He promptly prescribed me HRT meds and all was right with my world again in a very short time period.  Seriously, ask your doc or GYN to check you.  It's not an impossibility as the change of life actually occurs over a lot longer period of time than formerly known.  They even have a name for the condition; peri-menopause.
on 7/25/13 2:13 pm

I have the same problem! I'm either freezing or burning up.  I especially have a problem with being cold, when I'm tired! I have to sleep with a winter cap...and a bunch of blankets! When I wake up, I'm burning up!


on 7/26/13 12:32 am

Me too---and I'm nearly ten years post-op! (I'm also nearly ten years post-menopause, too.)

Lesley S.
on 10/13/09 7:10 pm - St. Louis, MO
I am the same way! If you figure it out let me know. It doesn't help that I live in a state that can change 40 degrees in one day!! Gotta love Missouri!
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