Ketosis, good or bad?

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I have been staying in ketosis. From my Adkins days, I tend to think this is good. Is it? Do we really burn only fat, or are we burning muscle?


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In ketosis, your body is turning to your fat stores for fuel because you're not giving it enough instant energy.   I've always considered it a good thing, too.  The side effects, like strange body odor, metallic taste in your mouth, etc, can be lessened by drinking plenty of fluids to flush out the ketones (byproduct of ketosis).  If you don't get enough protein daily, your body will next turn to the protein to burn for energy.

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on 11/15/09 9:19 am - Woodbridge, VA
It's a good thing - unless you are pregnant or are diabetic with very high glucose levels.
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on 11/15/09 10:56 am - Mountain Home, ID
Are you using urine test strips to know if you are staying in ketosis? How do know if you are in ketosis otherwise? Also I wonder if it is a good thing if it's done over a long period of time. I've researched it and it seems that doctor's feel like it's damaging to the liver and could potentially cause harm to our muscles. I don't know enough about the topic though to really be of any help. How long do you try to stay in this state? 

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Excellent diet for those pre-op to shrink the liver. As a former carb addict I like the atkins short term and believe it gets a bad rap ---> to each their own :)
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Ketosis is good (unless as was mentioned, you're an unregulated diabetic).  But when you lose weight (have a negative energy balance), ketosis or not, you'll always burn both fat and lean mass.  If you want to improve the ratio so it's more fat and less lean mass (mostly muscle) that's lost, give your muscles signals for growth, ie weight lifting.

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on 11/15/09 10:41 pm - .., WA
Thanks guys :) Yes, I am using the sticks to check my urine, always dark purple.
I actually start lifting today with a personal trainer. I really want to make the most of this time. So I can lose as much as possible.

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