Hiatal Hernia After (RNY)

on 11/22/09 1:00 am - Phenix City, AL

I have a large Hiatal Hernia and I'm almost 6 years out, the issue is my small pouch has pushed completely through the Hiatal  into the chest cavity and the large stomach that was left after (RNY) sits below the hiatal, the doctor that performed my bypass no longer practice and has left the country, I have been referred by a gastric specialist to the Emory Clinic in Atlanta because we have no doctors in general area willing to chance this. ( Appoint is in Jan. 2010) Have anyone on this board had this repair done since their bypass and what can I expect and recovery? Thanks

on 11/22/09 1:24 am - Metro Detroit, MI
My situation was a little different. The doc found a hiatel hernia on me while he was doing my RNY. So he fixed that along with the RNY. Most of my discomfort after surgery came from that surgery not the RNY. The worst part is that it hurts to breathe. Like a truck sitting on your chest. It lasted about 5 days and I was fine. Good Luck to you!
on 11/22/09 1:33 am
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wow i am so sorry that you have this. you are in my prayers. i wish i knew more about it. hope you get some good feed back on it.
on 11/22/09 1:47 am - Henrico, VA
Is that what the whole breathing thing was?  I just had surgery 2 weeks ago and the Dr. discovered I had a Hiatal Hernia and fixed it.  When I came out of surgery my main issue was I couldnt talk because I couldn't breathe.  As you said it felt like something sitting on my chest.   It only lasted less then a day after surgery but that was my main complaint.  I assumed it was normal but never heard anyone else on the boards complain of this.  Hmmm...very interesting.


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Bette B.
on 11/22/09 2:04 am
I didn't have RNY, but I did develop a whopping big HH a couple of years after my banding, brought on - my doc thought - by losing weight too fast. I know things are vastly different between LBers and RNYers, but the fix, for me, was no major deal.

Good luck with it, slimdiva!


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Dave Chambers
on 11/22/09 2:50 am - Mira Loma, CA
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Many RNY post ops suffer from this issue. Obesity stretches the akin and muscles, making both weaker than before. The leader of my support group had this issue, multiple times.  Each patient case is somewhat different. Repair work can be done, but try to find a surgeon with some expertise in working with WLS post ops. We have a plastic surgeon who speaks at my support groups once a year, who specializes in "repair work" on WLS patients. One thing to remember though, it  you have to take your recovery period seriously, without lifting too much after surgery. DAVE

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on 11/22/09 3:03 am
ok., I had lap band on nov., 17th.,  I had a hiatal hernia, before and the dr. fixed it.  I am also having the although very slight, chest pressure, especially at night about 4 am.,  I believe it feels as all the other posts.  I am guessing I am feeling the sutures to the fix., something was done, so I can feel it., last night it was the worse it had been. not totably unbearable, but something is on my chest.  I have to get up and take a pain pill which I am still on..,
the surgery is fine., the stomach  the stapels  itch a little and a little bruising and redness. So am thinking it is the surgery to fixing my HH that is what I am feeling. does that help anyone?
on 11/22/09 4:09 am
Lap Band on 11/16/09 with
I had an HH repaired in 1988.  At the time I weighed about 180 pounds.  Thee HH was visible and looked like a golf ball size buldge just at the bottom of my sternum.  I had lap band surgery on Nov 16.  I pointed out the previous repair to the surgeron during my cunsult.  He poked at it a bit and said Hmmm.  When I came out of surgery I was told that the doc had to do a HH.  When the fog left my brain the next day, I examined my incisions.  The only incision that had pain was the one located directly in the scar from the previous repair.  Will this need another repair donw the road. ?  Why did it need a scond repair this time?  What is causing this?
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on 11/22/09 11:31 am - riverview, FL
I'm 20 months out and before surgery I was what the doctor called a "healthy fat chick". I just recently had an endoscopy due to severe abdominal pain that radiated in between my shoulder blades. They diagnosed me with a hiatal hernia and gave me an Rx for Omeprazole. Basically, the doctor told me there was no need to operate in my case and unfortunately it is something I will have to live with.
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