10 Days without a Bowel Movement - WHAT TO DO????

on 11/30/09 8:35 am - Chesapeake, VA
I am 5 wks post surgery.  I have been hospitalized twice for Dehydration and Post Surgery Ulcer.  I have not had a bowel movement in 10 days.  I have been taking Milk of Magnesia but it is not working.  I can't take the over the counter stool softeners cause they make me nauseated . Any suggestions?
on 11/30/09 8:40 am
the milk of magnesia takes a few days for me as well. it will come. my doctor told me to get a ducolax (spelling) suppository.  keep taking the milk of magnesia. i was told also to take Colace. it is a stool softener.  good luck hon.
on 11/30/09 8:44 am

Are you having any pain around your abdomen?  Stool softeners should not make you feel nauseated, there may be something else going on.  I would call you surgeons office ASAP and tell them your problem.   You may have a blockage.   Are you drinking enough water?  Try some juice.  That always makes me "loosen up"  if you know what I mean! :-)
Good luck!

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Bette B.
on 11/30/09 9:21 am
Have you tried Miralax? It dissolves COMPLETELY in hot or cold liquids and has no taste to it.


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on 11/30/09 9:28 am
My surgeon tells us to take Dulcolax if we go more than 3 days w/o a poop.

Good luck and take care. I have seen others end up admitted to our hospital for treatment of this. No fun at all!
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on 11/30/09 9:31 am - Owings Mills, MD
have you talked to your surgeon??

are you getting your fluids now? are you getting any fats?

what about fiber?
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DeShanna C.
on 11/30/09 9:35 am - Birmingham, AL
I have been eating Activia Yogurt and that has helped me. You have make yourself drink your fluids. I know its not easy, but do as much as you can. Please contact you Dr. ASAP because you do not need to go this long without a BM. I have also used Benefiber fruit chews.
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on 11/30/09 10:19 am - San Diego, CA
I had the same thing happen and I ended up impacted (Bowel movement was bigger than the opening to come out of). Worst pain of my life!!!! You might want to call your doctor but I would highly suggest getting some suppositories or an enima and get that out of you right away before you suffer the pain I went through. You can get these over the counter at any drugstore. Suppositories work for me. Just push them up (not even very far) and within 10-45 minutes you should feel the urge to go. And it lubricates the opening so it wont be as rough. If you have any questions pm me.
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Lady Lithia
on 11/30/09 10:22 am
If you've already had issues, I'd suggest that before you do ANYTHING that any layperson suggests on this site... call your SURGEON and do what HE SAYS.... you don't want to do something that is contraindicated and nobody here is a surgeon.... don't mess around... call your surgeon... call him or her NOW

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on 11/30/09 11:16 am
Organic Smooth Move Herbal Tea. (I buy mine at Safeway)
It's made with Senna.
Take it before you go to bed.
Don't drink the whole cup, because your stomach won't be able to hold it...
but by morning you'll have pooped so much you'll be whistling.
 hah :)
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