receding gums-loss of calcium?

on 12/8/09 6:10 am - MN
I am wondering if receding gums I am experiencing are a part of bone loss due to poor absorbtion of calcium following gastric bypass.  I supplement adequately, but wonder if there is more I can do...
on 12/8/09 6:14 am
When did you last have your labs checked?  A dexa scan?  How much calcium are you taking daily?

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on 12/8/09 6:18 am - MN
Hi Danielle,
I have osteopenia, -detected at dexascan 1 year ago, upped calcium to 2000 mg calc citrate 2 times a day, upped my weight bearing exercise.  I have not had labs done since surgery...couldn't find a doctor who wanted to follow a gastric bypass patient on an ongoing basis...
Andrea U.
on 12/8/09 7:25 am, edited 12/8/09 7:26 am - Wilson, NC
That kinda sucks.  But have your PCP pull your labs and learn to read them yourself and adjust accordingly.

Hell, go to a walk-in urgent care clinic and have them pull labs for you (err.. just did this myself.. ) and have them mail you the results.

ETA: To answer your original question, I'd say the answer would be no -- I'd say that receeding gums would be more along the lines of peridontal disease, but I'm not a dental expert.  That would be an ideal question for a peridontist, though.

on 12/8/09 11:51 am - MN
Thank you, I will talk to my doc, he has little knowledge of gastric bypass, but I will tell him the importance of the numbers, thanks again--no dental peridontis, found out today about receding gums at the dentist at a cleaning!
on 12/8/09 7:32 am

Are you taking any other medications that can cause this?

I am taking a seizure med that causes receding gums... just wondering.

on 12/8/09 11:52 am - MN
I don't think I am, I will run it past the doctor I see, or maybe call a pharmacist
on 12/8/09 8:40 am
 When was your last dental cleaning?? some people can developed periodontal disease.That will cause bone loss and gums to shrink and expose your roots to your teeth..
There is medication that can cause this, and poor dental health as well.. Plus health problems
The best thing to do is get in to a dentist and get referred to a periodontist. 
I hope things get better.. 
on 12/8/09 11:47 am - MN
Thank you, I found out today when I was having my teeth cleaned, no peridontal disease, great dental hygiene, but thanks
on 12/8/09 11:56 am
You can ask for prescription toothpaste especially for teeth.  Dont know if that will help, but I went before surgery and my dentist prescribed it for me.  It has stuff to help the teeth stay healthy, I dont know what, but I am saving a dime on toothpaste now. Now that must be really helpful.
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