IRON troubles? check out: chelated Ferrous Bisglycinate (AKA: Albion Gentle Iron, Ferrochel)

on 12/29/09 3:37 am - Boynton Beach, FL

This is not medical advice, I'm just giving you some info about my experiences with different types of Iron.

I had been using Carbonyl Iron for about a year following my RNY, but was struggling with my Iron saturation levels, it was around 10-12% (normal is 20-50%)....I then switched to Ferrous Fumerate, and doubled the amount, for about 8 months and only increased to 13%.  

Finally after talking to a nutritionist at Dean's Natural Food Market (of all places) I was told to give Ferrous Bisglycinate (AKA: Albion Gentle Iron, Ferrochel, etc) a try.  It's a powder inside a vegetable capsules, and I was told it is very easily absorbed and not rough on the body....and BAM! 4 months later I had my labs done (got results today) and my Iron is well into the normal range (28%). 

Some info: sglycinate


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on 12/29/09 4:10 am - Pensacola, FL
I have huge issues with Iron and I have not had my surgery yet... Not sure on the % but I come back with a 1 when normal is 12.... I had to get it raised to have a hernia surgery and then just got it to a 9.  I was put on Ferrous Sulfate 325mg 3x's a day... I do not have issues taking them, but they mess the plumbing up! I am taking one a day and still get issues. I take with vit. C to help absorb...but doesn't seem to work , Labs are still scoring 1 :( 
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on 12/29/09 4:14 am - Boynton Beach, FL
Wow, did your doctor say a malabsorbtive procedure like RNY would be ok for you? I would think so, but I'm not a doctor. Have you looked into the VSG (sleeve)?

-Adam - 6'6" - From 450 lbs to GOAL in 9 months...
Phase 1: Completed 10/2008.
Phase 2: Weightlifting - Goal: Add 40 lbs of muscle. Completed 2/15/2011.
Phas 3: Cut to 10% body fat.

on 12/29/09 4:42 am - Pensacola, FL
 To be honest he hasn't said anything to me about any of my medical records ...recent tests or anything! I have only talked to him once for about 15-20mins...

my PCP is just giving me these pills... he said last resort would be some kind of shot that will help boost it, but he had a lot of faith in these iron pills... Are the iron pills your taking now the same as mine??

I would love to swap if they will be better for me! I really don't want to lose my chance at this WLS!!  My insurance will only cover the GB :(

HW 372  SW 316 CW 190 7/21/11

Andrea U.
on 12/29/09 4:52 am - Wilson, NC
I'd rather gnaw on a rusty metal pipe than take ferrous sulfate.

And consider many of the ferric salts COME from iron filings, that's what you're doing, too.  <---  tidbit from the Iron Disorders Institute  (Just in case someone asks where I got that from)

Carbonyl iron is much easier on the GI tract.  It might help you out.  Ferris fumarate and gluconate are also easier on the GI tract.

There's also a heme iron that's available in stores mixed with a poly iron, or you can order straight heme iron if you want to try that.  That's what I'm trying to get my craptacular iron levels up.

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on 12/29/09 4:24 am
I agree!  This is what I take and it is the BOMB!!

I also take Proferrin ES (heme iron) which causes zero gastrointestinal problems for me.
Heather H.
on 12/29/09 2:40 pm - Northern, CA
very helpful! I have had iron issues since I was five. Before RNY it became a bigger my iron became a bigger problem my weight increased steadily.  After I was over 100 lbs overweight my PCP, Endrocinologist and Hematologist decided both treatment for anemia and obesity were necessary. I was taking Ferrous Fumerate and got up to a level acceptable for surgery. After surgery I was told to take the Fumerate daily. 3 years after my RNY , at a regular appointment I had made for lethargy, irritability, some weight gain and adjustment on my thyroid meds and bloodwork. My PCP called me at work and said go straight to the emergency room. Your hemoglobin is 6.5, (normal is 12-14) you need a blood transfusion immediately. After that I received 6 seperate iron infusions weekly. In February I had my first round of PS, but the day before iron was low again. (9) I was given Ferrous Gluconate and delayed a day, taking the recommended dose of 324mg 3x a day  it was at an acceptable 10 (hb). Before my PS two weeks ago, it was at 11. It's headed up not down but won't ever forget to take my Gluconate (1 a day).

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