9 Wks Post RNY Getting Sick /Cold - What can I take?

on 12/30/09 12:05 am - Chesapeake, VA
9 Wks Post RNY Getting Sick /Cold - What can I take?
normally I'd OD on hot Brandi and NyQuil  since we can't absorb alchocol what can I take that's RNY Friendly?
on 12/30/09 12:07 am - Shelbyville, MI
I take Mucinex. Call your doc and see what is recommended for you at 9 wks out.
on 12/30/09 1:08 am - Bronx, NY
My friend used Emergen C. Most doctor's recommend children's dosages and taking enough a slow intervals. OR toughing it out.
on 12/30/09 3:34 am - North Canton, OH
RNY on 10/20/09 with
I had the same problem...my md office said I could take Chlortrimaton to dry up my nose. I had so much drainage it was making me throw up everytime I tried to eat. I got the generic chlortabs at walmart and they were super cheap.

Make sure you call your md office. Every md office is different.
on 12/30/09 4:15 am - Chesapeake, VA
Yes this thing bites...Im finally over feeling crappy from the surgery now this...
on 12/30/09 3:37 am - Aiken, SC
I had the same cold/flu mess about 9 weeks out as well and called my doc's office ASAP. He first ran down the list of things not to take...

No AlkaSeltzer cold meds - the carbonation is a no-no.
No Nyquil - too much alcohol and you could be drunk. (lol)
No sugary cough meds either - possible dumping.
No Advil type cold meds - no nsaids/ibuprofen based products on the stomach

So I ended up taking Mucinex and Tylenol Cold/Flu in the capsule form.
HALLS makes some great Sugar Free cough drops too!
on 12/30/09 4:16 am - Chesapeake, VA
Thanks...I haven't been able to do pills since the surgery unless they are chewable but Im going to try the liquid Tylenol Cold/flu and see how that works.
on 12/30/09 7:55 am - Catawba, SC
Hey I had my surgery about a week before you, and I just went to Dr today. I have sinus crap, so I thought. I called to see what I could take, and it was recommened that I come in to see the Dr (my family Dr), because even though I am back at work, your immune system may not be strong enough to fight off the crap thats out there right now. The only thing I was told I could take OTC is Tylenol Cold and in my family Dr's words... that stuff isn't gona help you much anyway. So I went in and I am glad I did, I have a large amount of congestion (that isnt even causing me to cough), a sinus infection, and an ear infection in each ear. I have only had symptoms for 2 days! So I was prescribed an antibiotic that is "easy on the stomach" and told to get some mucinex D (it is behind the pharmacy counter and ok to take) and sugar free cough drops. I just picked up my prescriptions to we shall see,. But your immune system is still week, so dont try to fight it.... could make it worse!