Best Unflavored Whey Protein at stores.....

on 1/1/10 9:42 am - Livonia, MI
Just wanted to know where I can buy unflavored whey protein powder. Seems like they all have flavors. And would like to know which brand do you like the best? I heard some people have found it at Walmart, Sam's or Costco....Thanks much!

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on 1/1/10 10:12 am - Manhattan

My hospital highly recommened
They have an unflavored whey protein powder for you.  They are very nice and the representatives who you speak to are nutritionist, so they can help you with any questions.

I was impressed with how quick they ship as well!


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on 1/1/10 10:17 am - Oskaloosa, IA
I also use unjury.  Have found the unflavored in great in Chocolate milk sweetened with Splenda.
Phyllis M.
on 1/1/10 10:17 am - Irving, TX
GNC also has one that is unflavored too.   As a matter of fact - I really like their whey protein..the chocolate carmel is pretty dern good.....................they have smaller portions too.....if you don't like it - save the receipt and you can take it back too !! 
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on 1/1/10 11:19 am - GA
For unflavored the only one that I found to be "unflavored" is Unjury.  It works very well in warm beverages. The order arrives in about 2 days.  I mix it in 6 oz hot chocolate (once it has cooled below 130) and I get a quick 20 g of protein!!  I mix it in fruit shakes for breakfast. This morning I had banana, strawberry, and peach protein shake using unflavored protein.  I buy flavored protein from Wal-mart, (best price) and GNC.  Wal-mart sells Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, but one scoop is double the protein of GNC products so this container lasts twice as long and is cheaper than GNC. The body can only absorb around 30 g of protein at a time so I don't know why their scoop is for 52 g.  GNC has some great flavors that mix well in hot chocolate and shakes.  I like their cookies n cream or chocolate carmel with a banana and tsp of peanut butter as a breakfast shake. GNC's policy is that if you don't like the flavor you have a week to return it. And the first week of every month is 20% off if you signed up to receive the mailers.
on 1/1/10 11:28 am - CA
 I've been on the quest for a truly unflavored protein also.  Just today I bought "Biochem Sports 100% Whey Protein - Natural Flavor" at Whole Foods market for 12.3oz/$13.  It's whey isolate like we are supposed to use and 20g protein per scoop, fat free, gluten free, lactose free.  It smells a bit like powdered milk, but I took a chance and mixed a quarter scoop into my (already warm) 1/3c of mashed potatoes.  It mixed in well and I couldn't taste it a bit plus it bumped my 'taters up another 5g of protein.  I found a winner, at least for me.  It will be great in a fruit shake or cold drink when the weather heats up.  I can't tolerate brands such as Nectar.  According to the can, it comes in 4 other flavors, chocolate fudge, vanilla, caramel swirl and peaches & cream.  It looks like it can be found in many online shops if you don't have Whole Foods near you.
on 1/1/10 12:45 pm - North Canton, OH
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I use the GNC unflavored.
Valerie G.
on 1/2/10 1:44 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
From my experience, unflavored whey doesn't exist.  I could taste it in everything I tried.

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on 1/7/10 1:45 am
I'm sure you can find it at those places, but consider checking online for better deals.  I get an unflavored protein powder from  It's a great product at a decent price.  I recommend it.
Mindy S.
on 1/28/10 11:51 am, edited 1/28/10 11:58 am
I have been to many stores.....Walmart , Kmart, Meijers, CVS, GNC, and even some local health food/ organic stores and have not found any " unflavored whey protein powder".   I found a Instantly Dissolving Protein Supplement it's a whey protein powder called Pro Cel. I love it because it has no taste and it doesn't change the original flavor of what you add it to. I orginally found it at Wal Greens but it can be found online or you can get it from the manufacture like I do now at a lower cost.  I add it when making orange, mango, banana smoothies (like starbucks) they taste great!