How much does that loose skin weigh?

on 1/4/10 12:17 pm
I recently asked a surgeon how much more weight a WLS patient will lose during plastic surgery to cut off excess skin.  The surgeon said.. "Less than you think".

So I conducted a survey over on the Plastic Surgery Forum. As you can see.. the answers vary greatly.
Here are those responses:

Pre and post WLS total loss was about 130 pounds. I only had a TT and the grand total of skin removed (Dr said there was no fat) 1 pound......

Not much for me, but it feels amazing having it gone!

I had an extended tummy tuck and small hernia repair.   I had lost 120 lbs and PS took off 16 lbs of skin
Feel free to look at my pics and you can see that the skin alone dosn't really weigh that much, My skin removed only weighed 4.7 lbs but it looks like it should have weighed ALOT more to me...have a look but be's kinda yucky.
I've lost around 100 lbs. since WLS.  My PS told me he only removed about 2-3 lbs.
had lost 170 pounds before my PS. The TT removed 5.5 pounds and 3/4 of a pound from each arm. So she removed 7 pounds of skin.
I'm not sure exactly how much he took off.... but I know I weighed 167 the day of surgery and a week later when I got on the scalefor the first time I was 156... and that was with swelling.  So I'm guessing about 10bs.
I asked after my thigh lift and the doctor said he removed about one and a half pounds of skin. He said there was no fat just skin.
120 pounds from WLS and 4 pounds of skin & fat with LBL.
Skin really doesn't weight very much - think of chicken skin.
I lost 90 pounds via WLS, then he took 6 pounds of skin (I had a HUGE panni) and then 2 liters of fat via lipo.
I had a tummy tuck  3 months ago. The Dr. couldn't tell me how much they took off, but when I weighed myself after my tummy tuck I had lost 11lbs. Where I hadn't been working out I think a lot of that probably was from the skin removed.
I lost 180 lbs. and so far have had 17 lbs of skin removed. I am not done with my plastics procedures. I completed round one which was mostly lower body.
I lost about 190 lbs (started out with a BMI of over 68) and just had my TT w/ vertical on 12/14 and they removed just a few ounces shy of 25 lbs of skin. That is a LOT compared to what most have removed, but I was quite large to begin my journey. Lots of loose skin to get rid of, and I carried most of my weight in my mid-section and breasts. (Those are next... )
They cut off 15lbs..
it depends if you only have skin not to much cause skin is not  havy,if you have a lot of fat removed like I did I lost 8lbs on my belly
I lost 140lbs from WLS
Dr. removed 8lbs of skin
A lot of each individuals results are based on their genetic body type and how they carry their weight.  I lost 113 pounds after my DS, but I had a huge panni.  I had LBL with anchor cut TT August 7th.  I had 20 lbs of excess skin removed.  However, poundage removed does not equal pounds lost as your body adjusts.  I weighed 163 the morning of surgery and now weigh 151-152.  I briefly dipped to 149, but have firmly settled at my current weight.

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on 1/4/10 12:47 pm - TN
Wow this is very revealing Herc.. thanks for the post. I am really surprised that so many of the responders have to have a 2nd surgery. I would want it all done once!
Susan S.
on 1/4/10 6:14 pm - Roselle, NJ
RNY on 02/06/07 with
well you might want it all done at once and you might even find a surgeon willing.....but these are big operations....far more serious than the wls......and recovery is challenging.  I had 3 procedues all within six months......and that was pushing it....lots of pictures on my profile.  Susan
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on 1/4/10 1:39 pm - Buckley, WA
Yeah , I thought all of that skin would weigh about 10-15 pounds . After my anchor cut TT I asked my surgeon how much the skin weighed . 3 measly pounds ! lol .


on 1/4/10 2:13 pm - Garland, TX
 The general rule of thumb I've seen in the past is about 10 lbs. per every 100 lbs. lost, give or take 1-2 lbs.  

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Jaime Breckenridge
on 1/4/10 11:09 pm - IL
Personally I lost a bit over 300 lbs and they removed 19.5 lbs of excess skin/fatty tissue around my abdomen.  I did not need a tummy tuck.  I simply had a panniculectomy and hernia repair.


on 1/4/10 11:52 pm - Ottawa, Canada

I've lost over 140lbs and my surgeon removed somewhere between 4-6lbs of skin from my tummy.  No lipo.  I actually lost quite a bit of weight during my recovery so I ended up being way lower in weight than just what the surgery removed...
Oh and I also wanted to mention that the OR time for my plastics (see my siggy for what I had done) was just over SEVEN HOURS! 
There was no way my surgeon would have attempted ANYTHING more than what was done.  Too much time being under is no good!!!!!  Esp. for an ELECTIVE surgery KWIM. 

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MyLady Heidi
on 1/5/10 12:07 am
I do know what you mean and I had my neck lifted and my extended tt done together at Yale (teaching hospital) and was under for 10 hours, recovery for a couple and went home with absolutely no problems.  My tt took off what I guess was 6lbs, my doctor was German and she told me in metrics and I think I remember doing the conversion to around 6lbs, I too lost more afterwards and my stomach is still nice and tight and looks better then when I was 16.  My second surgery to revise my neck and do my arms was just a couple of hours, one in recovery and off I went.  That surgery was a breeze, tummy tuck not as easy but absolutely worth it.

Hugs Heidi

on 1/5/10 2:49 am - Seattle, WA

Interesting information. I have lost 216lbs (about 7lbs more to go to goal) and just had a PS consult. Prior to exam and pictures he estimated 5-6lbs in skin. Following exam he said between 15-17lbs. I have a very large pannus and will at minimum need a LBL.

I have heard the rule of thumb as 10lbs of skin per 100lb loss as well bt by the information above it appears it can really vary. Thanks for the information!

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