UTI not responding to Cipro

on 1/6/10 1:05 pm - PORT RICHEY, FL
HIYA!  I have the worst bladder infection and have been taking Cipro for almost 10 days, but it's not working.  I called the surgeons office to see if we have absorption problems w/ antibiotics, but she said no.  My back hurts now, so I think it has traveled to my kidneys.  I think I am going to go to the ER for some IV antibiotics when I get off work in the morning.  Anybody else have trouble getting rid of a UTI?  What did you end up taking?  Thanks

on 1/6/10 1:22 pm, edited 1/6/10 1:23 pm
 I had issues with antibiotics early out, to where i was put back in the hospital for IV antibiotics.. 
I was on childrens liquid anitbiotic about a month after surgery, so i was not getting enough solid food in my tummy and  i was through up/dumping from the sweetness... 
Anyways see if they can put you on a childrens chewable.. I just had a sinus infection and i told my doctor that i wanted chewable antibiotics. So maybe you can try to get those as well... 
take care i hope you get well soon.. UIT's are no fun 

ps i also have to premed before my teeth are cleaned due to a heart condition, you just take about 6 chewables more often during the day then you would the three times a day.. its worth a shot. I try to get chewable anything no matter what.. Yes i'm almost a year out,but i rather know its in my system vs wondering.. also drink water, and see if you can fun diet cranberry juice... start to fluss your bladder and kiddneys.. Cranberry's help... 
on 1/6/10 1:29 pm - Suffern, NY
When you were diagnosed with the bladder infection, was a culture and sensitivity done?  This is a test that determines what antibiotic will kill the actual infection that you have.  Many times doctors just pick out an antibiotic they think will help without doing a culture and that is how you end up taking worthless antibiotics and endup with resistant bugs.  I would go back to the original doctor and insist a culture and sensitivity.  That is the only way to know you are on the correct antibiotic.

Also what strength cipro did they put you on?  Sometimes we need a high dosage than the average person. IF they gave you 250mg,  that is useless - it has to be 500mg to do anything.


on 1/6/10 1:48 pm
 Most Doctors prescribe Cipro for UTI's and Kidneys. Its the drug of choice to get rid of it... 
its common for most to be put on it... IT is a very strong drug.
on 1/6/10 2:31 pm - Suffern, NY
It may be the drug of choice but without a Culture and sensitivity, there is no way of knowing if it will work.  There are alot of bacterias out there and alot of different antibiotics that treat bladder infections - levaquin, macrodantin, sulfa, penecillin, besides cipro.


on 1/6/10 2:10 pm - PORT RICHEY, FL
Thanks guys.  I am taking 500mg Cipro 2 x a day.  I did not get a culture and sensitivity done.  I work in the ER at night and I told ER dr it hurt to pee and he gave me a script for Cipro.  I am prone to renal infections and have a hard time clearing UTI's to start with.  I had one last year and had to get IV Levaquin in the ER.  I will check in when I get off.  They will do a C&s and give me IV antibiotics.  No more playin around.  It even hurts to walk.  Thanks eveyone.  I just didn't know if in the future not to get Cipro.  I hope I don't hafta go the chewable route. NASTY.

on 1/6/10 2:29 pm - Suffern, NY
I am not saying don't get cipro.  9 out of 10 times, I get cipro and it works great.  But there is that 1 out of 10 times when the particular bacteria is resistant to cipro and another antibiotic is needed.  There is no way of knowing what antibiotic will work with a C&S.  Levaquin is another great antibiotic and many times when the kidneys are involved, macrodantin is needed.


Ms. Cal Culator
on 1/6/10 2:44 pm - Tuvalu
Last time I did a round of Cipro--while awaiting the culture results--it was relatively worthiess.  The last two times I've gone with Bactrim.  (I don't care much for Levaquin.)

Also, the Azo standard (OTC) is good for symptom relief..but I wouldn't use it until I knew I was on a drug I thought might work.  Urelle is n Rx that's good for symptom relief, but again, not until I'm on something that will fix the problem.

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