Help to quickly tighten loose skin from weight loss.

on 1/12/10 11:58 pm - collins, MS

While I am losing weight, My skin is lose around the upper thigh.  And also my tummy.  what type of exercise can I do that can tighten my upper thigh and stomach. 

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Susan S.
on 1/13/10 12:04 am - Roselle, NJ
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Exercise will tighten and tone your muscles.....but will do nothing for your skin.   If working out helped with skin I wouldn't have needed three rounds of plastics (pics on my profile).......get in shape anyway.....and start saving money for surgery.  Susan
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MyLady Heidi
on 1/13/10 12:07 am
You can waste your time doing situps or save your money and have a tt with muscle tightening and have a doctor do it for you.  I would put my tummy up to any gym rats any day, cold hard cash is what it takes in this game.  Nothing else works really.

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Elizabeth N.
on 1/13/10 12:10 am - Burlington County, NJ
Exercise does nothing for skin. Only time will help your skin. Relax and give it time. There are far worse things in life than a little loose skin, like dying of morbid obesity.
on 1/13/10 1:49 am - Helena, MT
Crap!  I thought you were offering help.  As in $ for plastic surgery.  I'm afraid that's my only hope..........

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on 1/13/10 1:58 am - OH
Exercise will not tighten skin.  Exercise tightens muscles, but skin is not a muscle.  When we are very overweight, we actually grow extra skin to cover our bodies.  It doesn't just stretch, we grow more.  Once you grow skin, you cannot ungrow it.  Exercise will not ungrow skin.   The only way to get rid of extra skin is to have plastic surgery.

on 1/13/10 2:10 am - Spokane, WA

Everyone is correct - excess skin is a by product of rapid weight loss.

I would check with your insurance company.  Careful how you phrase the question though.  No insurance will cover a tummy tuck because you don't like the way you look. However, several insurance plans will cover it if you are experiencing infections, dermatitis, or other skin conditions as a result of the excess skin.   

Just like your WLS make sure you know your insurance plan rules and exclusions.  Ask what the medical criteria is and go from there. 


Good luck



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on 1/13/10 8:04 am - Corpus Christi, TX
RNY on 11/11/09 with
Don't stop working out!
Working out will tighten some skin. You need the muscle to burn the fat. You need the protein to make the muscle and regenerate the cell growth throughout your body!
Work out! Work out! Work out! Just plan to have some plastics done either way!

Penny the Paramedic        
on 1/13/10 9:30 am - County Line, MI
Spandex or duct tape are your only options!

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