McD's Frappe-bad

Rachel P.
on 1/30/10 12:19 am
Word of warning, I tried a sip or 2 of a small McDonald's Mocha Frappe-pretty tasty but I could just tell it was not going to work well & probably loaded with bad stuff, so I looked it up online-HOLY CRAP! 52 g of sugar!! so here I am at work & there it is in the fridge-where it will stay till I can pawn it off on someone-my co-workers get my leftovers and whatever doesn't work for me! Just wanted to let you all know, I figured it might be a bit high in sugar but holy cow!
on 1/30/10 12:45 am
I stay away from McD. Nothing good ever comes of it!

Glad it didn't make you sick.
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on 1/30/10 1:05 am - Bedrock
Black Coffee only for me at this joint...

If you really need a pick-me-upper, go in and watch fat people eat while your sipping your coffee.


on 1/30/10 1:08 am - NE
Stick to coffee shops where they have the Sugar Free Syrups. It takes you a few more minute to go in and get your coffee but it is well worth it!
on 1/30/10 1:55 am - Olympia, WA
RNY on 10/26/07 with
Oh yeah - I took a sip of my hubby's McD Frappe and could tell right away it was super sweet and couldn't be good for you. 

After hitting way too many places that don't have a good variety of sugar-free syrups, I bought an espresso machine and burr grinder and now we make our own coffees.  Hubby's supposed to watch his sugar so he's good with this, too.  Especially since he started in on the 32-oz. iced coffees for $6.50 a day!!  Now we can make our own lattes at home and we are spending way less on the cost of the coffee beans & milk each month and the syrups, cups, lids & straws every other month than we were spending for one WEEK at the coffee stands!!  We get our supplies at our local Cash & Carry - syrup's half the price of Davinci's & Torani's online!!

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Jennifer H.
on 1/30/10 2:14 am - stockton, CA
black coffee with splenda for me or they have sugar free vanilla la ta on ice.......I do when no Starbucks around!

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Rachel P.
on 1/30/10 2:44 am
Thanks peeps! I normally only drink coffee at work to warm up and then not much because I get a caffeine buzz pretty quick and  I only use Splenda then switch to my protein drink. I just had to try the Frappe-even if it meant throwing away $3! so far sugar doesn't bother me but I haven't pushed my luck either, well except those 2 swigs! deathly afraid of vomiting, haven't yet & don't wanna start!
on 1/30/10 4:49 am - Crofton, MD
I went to Mickey D's for cafe and a breakfast sausage wrap.  Big mistake turning the car into the fat shack.  Just slipped and not again.  These fat  shacks dont offer WLS'ers much unless you like gaining-to much temptation
on 1/30/10 5:42 am
So bad yet so good
on 1/31/10 6:26 am
McD's has sf vanilla iced coffee I get it large with 2 equals and I do in once in awhile because I actually got hooked on it.  And also ask that its de-caf coffee not regular.