How long does a pre-approval with Anthem blue cross PPO take?

on 1/24/10 3:37 pm - Merced, CA
Hello all,

I was wondering from others who may have anthem blue cross PPO insurance how long their pre-approval took?  Mine pre-approval was submitted last week but I am so anxious to hear something already, I feel like I can't wait! long should i expect?  Is there anything I can do to speed up the process??
on 1/24/10 3:42 pm - VA
I was told about 15 days.

Calling to verify your info was received is a great way to get info.

I don't think you can speed up the process though.

Good Luck

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on 1/24/10 8:46 pm
RNY on 03/25/10 with
I have BC/BS PPO too...and my paperwork was submitted last week also. Monday was a they couldn't submit until Tuesday. I was told anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks to hear something.
on 2/6/10 10:20 am - East Rochester, NY
Mine only took 2 weeks, three tops. I had my surgery Wednesday, 2-3, and am home and feeling pretty good!
on 1/24/10 8:49 pm
Good Morning,

I have Anthem BCBS PPO with Teamsters, I was preapproved right away, but then had a 6 month period of evalutaion, supervised weight loss and pre-op appointments with psychiatrist, cardiologist, pulmonary doctors, etc. as soon as 6 months was up, I was approved immediately and surgery right after.
Good Luck to you, and use the time to research and research the surgery and post op care. Know as much as you can going in! It helps sooo much in the hospital and afterwards too!


Heather E.
on 1/24/10 9:58 pm
I just had to fight with them for six months - took it to an IMR [independent medical review], and won.  It all depends on your starting weight and comorbidities.  I am a "lightweight" and they weren't accepting my comorbidities as being "severe enough" for surgery to be "medically necessary."  Best of luck to you.


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on 1/25/10 1:18 am - Schaumburg, IL
Heather, I too am considered "lightweight". May I ask what comorbidities you had?
Heather E.
on 1/25/10 3:46 am
Pre-diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia, osteoarthritis, mild sleep apnea, and GERD.  None of these were good enough for them. 


HW: 249/ CW: 130/ GW: 140

on 1/25/10 3:48 am - Schaumburg, IL
Bummer. sounds like I am in for a fight. :(
on 1/25/10 3:51 am - Schaumburg, IL

Bummer. sounds like I am in for a fight. :(