BElieve Protein drinks???

on 1/28/10 9:41 pm
I was checking out Bariatric Eatings website and saw they had some Protein drinks like coffee, mocha, etc.  Does anyone have any feedback on these?  I want to get some but I am afraid to put out that money just to have it taste terrible!!! 
on 1/28/10 10:05 pm - Cambridge, MA
I drink these daily and I like all three flavors.  If you're game for paying that much for any protein with shipping, I'd try them out.

Here's the thing though: They do NOT taste like a Starbucks Frappucino.  The coffee taste in the mocha and Italian Cappucino (surprisingly my favorite flavor) isn't strong.  I like strong coffee, so I usually drink mine as coffee creamer, which is delicious.  The Chai Tea flavor is more sweet than spicy.  I've heard of people adding more chai spices to it.  It's weird to mix tea with coffee, but I also use the chai flavor as creamer and I add sugar-free gingerbread syrup to it for something like a gingerbread latte.

I think they taste good on their own too and I sometimes drink them by themselves - just as long as you don't expect a strong coffee or chai spice flavor.  They definitely don't taste "terrible."  They just might not taste exactly how you'd expect when you hear "coffee drink."  They are very sweet, which I think is terrific because I have a bigtime sweet tooth, but that doesn't suit everyone.

I just bought the Bariatric Advantage ProJoe to try out, which basically comes in the same flavors.  Had the Nillacino yesterday and it tastes exactly like BE's Italian Capp.  They cost basically the same to me, so I'll probably stick with the Believe after finishing my box of ProJoe.

Having RNY was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Approx highest weight: ~350. Highest measured weight: 338. Surgery weight: 297. Lowest weight (for 5 minutes): 169. Current weight: 209. Goal weight: ??? - maybe 180-185, which was my maintenance weight before the regain.

on 1/28/10 10:08 pm - Cambridge, MA
Oh by the way - I just realized you're less than a month out.  Are you allowed to have caffeine yet?  All three of the current flavors contain caffeine (since they are coffee and tea drinks.)

If you aren't allowed caffeine yet but want to try them, you might want to hold off and try their new flavor, Vanilla Creme Brulee, which will be caffeine-free.  I obviously haven't tasted it yet and can't vouch for it, but I'm sure I'll be ordering some almost as soon as it's available.  I've never bought anything from BE that was nasty, so even if I don't love it I can always use it in protein coffee or as a base for some other concoction.

Having RNY was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Approx highest weight: ~350. Highest measured weight: 338. Surgery weight: 297. Lowest weight (for 5 minutes): 169. Current weight: 209. Goal weight: ??? - maybe 180-185, which was my maintenance weight before the regain.

on 1/29/10 12:41 am - Houston, TX
 OMG I love these drinks - except for the Chi - can't seem to develop a taste for that one. My fav of all is the mocca - I drink one first thing in the morning and the last thing at night before bed. I get 20 grams of protein in each one and that way I always know I will have 40 grams plus my other protein each day. It isn't any worse than having a cup of regular coffee twice a day. I used to drink 6 or 7 cups of coffee daily so this is a cut back in caffeine for me - lol Check with your doc first but if he/she gives you the okay - you can't go wrong with the Believe. I've tried so many different proteins from powders to RTD's and have found this particular brand to be my staple.  Enjoy and best of luck to you.

on 1/29/10 2:02 am - Grain Valley, MO
I had tried many RTDs and didn't find any I could stand so I was a little leary of paying so much for the drinks.  I got a case of the variety pack from BE and really them except the Chai.  I don't care much for it but I can drink it.  I ordered 2 cases of Pro Joe from Bariactric Advantage and although they have different names than BE's Believe, they taste the same.  BA was having a special on shipping ($8/case) but I don't know if they still have that going on.

It seems everyone has different tastes so what one person really likes, someone else can't stand. 

Not sure if I will purchase again due to the cost.  Wish I could get them locally.  Hate paying all those shipping charages.




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on 1/29/10 5:09 am
I have tried them in the past and like them.  Can't say I'd drink them all the time, but they're good.  The only advice I can give on them though...make sure you drink them cold...maybe even put them in a glass of ice and let it melt a little to dilute the sweetness.

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on 1/29/10 8:00 am - Charlotte, NC
FobiPouch on 11/18/05 with
I love the mocha flavor.  I just ordered the Bariatric Advantage version of these drinks, also in MOcha.  I do not like them nearly as much--in fact it will be a struggle to finish the case. 

The BElieve drinks rock though!
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on 3/20/12 3:02 am - CA
These drinks are good tasting and are very popular, but is the same product as ProJoe, sold by Bariatric Advantage.  We are located in CA and have the following flavors:  Mocha, Vanillia, Chai and a Variety package.  Plenty of stock and note we have a Rewards program.  Allowing you to earn points with every purchase.  These points can be redeemed for future product.
Tara _
on 1/29/10 8:36 pm
I drink the BElieve Mocha Latte every morning!  Love it and the shipping is pricey but worth it to me!

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