What size needle for B12 injections?

on 2/1/10 5:22 am - OH
I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow and I'm asking for a prescription for B12 injections.  I was wondering, for those who do their own B12 shots, what size needles do you use?  I was reading some different things online and there seems to be some disagreement about whether you can do B12 shots subcutaneously or if it must be given IM.  I plan to ask my PCP about that.  I guess if you do it sub-q you can use a smaller needle, right?  But even if I have to do it IM, I want the smallest needle I can get that will work.

on 2/1/10 5:32 am
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You are brave Kelly, I got week in the knees thinking about doing it myself...


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on 2/1/10 5:37 am - OH
Hee hee.  I'm gonna make my partner do it.  I don't mind getting shots but I don't think I could stick myself.  I informed him that this would be his job, and he said, "Oh, cool!"  He's looking forward to it.

on 2/1/10 6:10 am - Puyallup, WA
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I have used my thighs, but even after all these years, I prefer not. I find the spot, but then close my eyes and jab. So, Don prefers to do a glut.

He takes 2 shots, prefers B12 in arm, the other in glut.

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on 2/1/10 5:33 am - Louisville, KY

Have you considered the prescription B12 nasal spray?  I just use it once a week and my B12 levels have been great.  I much prefer the spray to a needle!

on 2/1/10 5:39 am - OH
I thought of doing the nasal spray.  Right now mine's kinda low and I think I would just feel better doing shots for a while until I get it up.  I'm not sure that the shots would work any better for getting it up than the nasal spray would, that may all be in my head.  But hey, if it makes me feel better....

on 2/1/10 5:35 am - Lawrenceville, GA
*gulp*   I used to give my mother b-12 injections and I cringed everytime I had to do it.  I sure hope you can do it with a small needle.  I cannot imagine doing it to myself with what I used to use on her. 

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on 2/1/10 5:40 am - OH
Apparently you can do it with a fairly skinny needle.  But I want to specifically ask for a small one because several people have told me that if you don't specifically ask for a small one, they often give you big ones.  Which makes no sense to me, really, because shouldn't all doctors know patients would prefer a small needle to a big one?  But whatever.

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on 2/1/10 5:38 am
I use a 25g 5/8 (.5mm x 16mm)  Small, fine & thin.  I do not feel it at all.  I inject in the top of my thigh and as I am kinda skinny, it does get in the muscle.

on 2/1/10 5:42 am - OH
OK, thanks.  I was gonna ask for at least a 27.  But I guess it also depends on if you want to do it IM or sub-q, which I want to ask my doc about.  Like I said, I read several things that said it needs to be IM, but I also read a few things that said sub-q works just fine.

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