Things to hide saggy upper arms

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on 2/5/10 6:02 am - Woodbridge, VA

Months ago, I remember seeing a post where someone included a video (or link to a video) of a commercial/infomercial for a product to hide flabby upper arms. They were like these clear sticky patches you could use to sort of "tape" your upper arms in place. I've actually seen the commercial on tv within the past few months as well.

Now, the video was posted here to laugh at, make fun of, etc. But now I'm interested in finding out more.

I am looking for something that might help me to make my upper arms somewhat less offensive in short sleeves. I am not interested in the upper arm girdle-ish shaper garments, and plastic surgery is not in the foreseeable future (Especially since I'm not at goal yet).

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? What they're called so I can Google them?

Valerie G.
on 2/5/10 6:09 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
Awww, cmon silly jilly -- embrace the sleeve!
How about prom-style, where you pull everything up with duct or surgical tape, then strap it across your back to hold it up and taut.  The only problem is people will wonder why you're wearing shoulder pads.
I crack myself up

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on 2/5/10 6:14 am - Woodbridge, VA

I have nothing against sleeves, but here's the deal: I've got a wedding this year, and, quite frankly, long-sleeved wedding dresses are just not my style! Even short-sleeved will be tough to find without looking weird, but I'm not sure I can pull off sleeveless or strapless without slapping people in the face with my arm flaps when I go to hug them or something!

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Get a spaghetti strap dress with a cover... like the knit ones with holes.. Takes care of it.... :) 

ETA: I TOTALLY skipped it was your wedding dress.... my bad.

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Angela N.
on 3/30/11 10:47 am - Charleston, WV
Oh man....I know I am extremely late this party, but I'm so interested to know if you tried these and did they work??? I am getting married in the beach in Dec and anything but strapless (or darn near it) is gonna look silly. But my arms!!! AAGGH!! They are scary!!!!  If I must, I'm resorting to the lacy cover up thing, I guess
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on 3/30/11 10:01 pm - Woodbridge, VA
I ended up going with one that had an off-the-shoulder collar type deal, which didn't completely cover my arms, but it kept me from putting my arms up enough so the flaps wouldn't show as much! Everyone there knew me at 300+ pounds, so I didn't sweat it too too much  :)

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Karen M.
on 2/5/10 7:41 am - Mississauga, Canada
Haaa!  Ok, that made me laugh right out loud.



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I am by no means endorsing it but the product you are mentioning is "instant arm lift".

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To be fair, I think it could have been removed more gently.


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on 2/5/10 6:36 am - Woodbridge, VA
That's it!

For 10 bucks, I will definitely try it. Can't hurt any more than the ridulous wired and suffocating undergarments I wore under my Maid of Honor dress in my sister's wedding!
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on 2/5/10 8:59 am


Let me know how these work.  My grandson actually said. "Holy Bat Flaps, Gramma!"  LOL

Really, I would love to be able to wear sleeveless or halter tops but I don't want to take off flying if there is a wind.